by | December 07, 2017 | 07:09

Latino artists' popularity on YouTube is proof that they are massively popular in worldwide markets, even if they continue to face barriers to entry in mainstream music in the U.S. - Ed Sheeran made the list twice. Last month, YouTube expanded its takedown policy to cover not just videos that depicted violent extremism, but also content that includes "people and groups that have been designated as terrorist by the USA or British governments", likely after feeling the pressure from ...

by | December 07, 2017 | 03:44

In addition to Peele , executive producers on "The Twilight Zone " include screenwriter Simon Kinberg , known for his work on the "X-Men" franchise, and Marco Ramirez , co-creator of Netflix's " The Defenders ". "The opportunity to continue its lineage is a dream come true". He said it's a good time to revisit the off-kilter world of The Twilight Zone . Key to the reboots is having the original producers attached, which would be CBS Television Studios in the case of The Twilight Zone .

by | December 07, 2017 | 03:30

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a pre-recorded video message that it was "an important step towards peace" and it was "our goal from Israel's first day". He added that any peace deal with the Palestinians would have to include Jerusalem as Israel's capital and he urged other countries to follow Trump's example.

by | December 07, 2017 | 02:15

Jackman won critical and commercial acclaim with his final outing as Logan . For Jackman , it was a chance to say goodbye in a very personal way, and his emotional impression of the film was that, after almost 20 years, he finally nailed the character.

by | December 07, 2017 | 02:00

The "Black-ish" star realized a lot of men seem to be confused about how to treat another human being with dignity and respect so she chose to write a children's book called " The Handsy Man " to break down the basics. To clear the air, Ross wrote a parody-style children's book that while at first may appear amusing, makes you realize how serious the problem really is.

by | December 07, 2017 | 01:26

The show will be hosted by Laverne Cox and Dedivanovic will serve as a judge alongside Youtube makeup artist Kandee Johnson and fashion editor Zanna Roberts. While you're still second-guessing your shade of concealer and shading your brows too dark, Kim Kardashian is launching " Glam Masters ". "If you like make-up and beauty this is going to be your favourite show".

by | December 07, 2017 | 01:07

The fire was reported just before 5 a.m. Wednesday. Stewart said officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were arriving in the neighborhood to handle any potential evacuation orders. Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, who both have homes in Los Angeles, took to Twitter to discuss the fires. Farther norther, the Thomas fire in Ventura County had already reached the Pacific Ocean, ravishing 50,500 acres along the way and forcing 27,000 people to evacuate their homes.

by | December 07, 2017 | 00:38

While sharing the sweet anecdote, McKinnon essentially transformed into the action movie star. While appearing on The Tonight Show this week, Jimmy Fallon brought up the topic of recent SNL hosts, and the two began talking about how wonderful Gadot is in real life.

by | December 07, 2017 | 00:14

While this Sunday's Manchester derby may come too soon for Shaw, it's highly likely Mourinho will fancy him for upcoming league games against Bournemouth and West Bromwich Albion as well as the Red Devils' League Cup quarter-final against Bristol City.

by | December 06, 2017 | 23:02

John Mayer is reportedly recovering from the emergency appendectomy and according to Dead & Company's social media update "is in good spirits". On Wednesday afternoon (December 6), fans were given insight as to the nature of the outcome of the surgery via Billboard .

by | December 06, 2017 | 21:36

Being the only film person his friend knew, Solomon went on to call Hamill's agent, explaining that "this lovely boy (who) watched Star Wars everyday wanted to meet NOT Mark Hamill , but the actual CHARACTER that he played". "There's some cool stuff in the " Star Wars " universe they can use, there's cool fan theories they can use that could be part of the movies too, I mean, why not?" But as an actor, and for me, I'm very open to those possibly storylines and I don't think it needs to be ...

by | December 06, 2017 | 20:51

Theater chains in particular got real spooked out by MoviePass , a subscription service startup which offers customers unlimited movie tickets at the impossibly low, low price of $10 a month ($ 7 during specials )-with some like AMC anxious it could drive down the price of tickets in the long run to disastrous levels.

by | December 06, 2017 | 19:53

William is due attend a short private meeting related to the Royal Foundation Cyber Bullying Taskforce before giving his speech. 'I was wanting to tell someone but I thought no-one would understand'. The leading tech companies are associated with the task force which launched a first-of-its-kind online code of conduct with a goal to create a safer online space for children.

by | December 06, 2017 | 18:46

Robbie and Tonya Harding - who inspired the upcoming dramedy I, Tonya - posed for photographs together at the film's Los Angeles premiere this week. But I believe this is what made her so interesting, and a true American hero. Tonya shines bright in the pantheon of American history simply because she never stopped trying her hardest.

by | December 06, 2017 | 18:24

Among Republican respondents, 67 percent approve and 10 disapprove of the plan, while 6 percent of Democrats approve and 84 disapprove. Only 5 percent of respondents said they expect low income Americans to benefit the most from Republicans' efforts to overhaul the USA tax code.

by | December 06, 2017 | 17:20

Deadline notes Bryan Singer had a three-year first look deal with Fox Studios that ended October 31st and was not renewed. The project is now on hold until at least January while a director search ensues, and it's fully expected that Bohemian Rhapsody will be completed and eventually hit theaters...

by | December 06, 2017 | 17:00

A separate study published in The BMJ suggested that pregnant mothers exposed to higher levels of air pollution are more likely to have a baby born at lower birth weights. They found that overall, those who lived within an average 1 kilometre of a major road were at higher risk for high blood pressure and peripheral artery disease (PAD), a narrowing of the peripheral arteries to the legs, stomach, arms, and head, which increases the risk of coronary artery disease, heart attack and stroke.

by | December 06, 2017 | 15:38

Fox said when it agreed the deal it did not foresee any regulatory difficulties but the government has taken a strong line against the takeover. Comcast and Verizon are believed to remain in the running, but CNBC has reported an announcement of an agreement between Fox and Disney is imminent.

by | December 06, 2017 | 15:21

The president's comment prompted Time to clarify, "The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year". Like 2017's shortlist , 2016 also included larger groups, including the CRISPR scientists, who created technology to edit DNA, and the Flint whistleblowers, who exposed lead poisoning in the MI town's water.

by | December 06, 2017 | 14:59

The only way he can be added is if he has enough votes but it looks like Steam users can't get enough. This isn't the first time that DOTA has been used as a means of promoting video games, or indeed TV shows. If you're more of a League of Legends person, you can still enjoy Amaterasu's prettiness by playing Okami HD next week. It isn't just Capcom who is eager to introduce a character from its classic game to " Dota 2 ".