by | November 06, 2018 | 22:43

This is the business' way of giving back to the community and encouraging people to vote , office manager Joseph Welch said. When you show an "I Voted" stick on Tuesday at Shake Shack , you'll get free fries with any purchase. Capriotti's Sandwich Shop: Get $1 off any sub Tuesday, when you show your voting sticker. Customers can either present their official "I Voted" sticker from the polls, or sign a pledge to vote at the counter.

by | November 06, 2018 | 20:08

In Ghana , Prince Charles deplored his country's role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade that saw thousands of Africans shipped to work in slave plantations in Europe and the Americas. In a busy day of engagements, the Prince also visited Kumasi market, where he saw a new building, partly funded by the United Kingdom, which will replace an expansive market of make-shift stalls where evil are fires put the lives of traders, and its one million daily shoppers, at risk.

by | November 06, 2018 | 18:25

In the song, she opened up about her high-profile relationships including with Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez who she revealed actually heard the song before it dropped. It's also unclear if the Saturday Night Live star heard the song before its release. She sings: 'Thought I'd end up with Sean, but it wasn't a match.

by | November 06, 2018 | 13:25

She's literally going to go into labour over this. Reacting to watching the episode, she wrote on Twitter: "I wanted to have a handsome birthing experience for myself and for the memories of what I choose to share with True when she's older".

by | November 06, 2018 | 12:45

I was like, 'Yeah, you are kind of sexy today". "It was a nice surprise - an ego boost for sure", Idris told People in his cover story. One of Britain's best-known stars, Elba won a Golden Globe for his lead role in BBC television detective series " Luther ", played a Norse god in " Thor " and appeared in USA television series " The Wire ".

by | November 06, 2018 | 10:28

I feel that this film will touch the heart of the audience because in every household, there are people like Rangeela Raja . The two, who have worked together in hit films Ilzaam (1986), Shola aur Shabnam (1992) and Aankhen (1993), are working together after 25 years.

by | November 06, 2018 | 07:41

Drake is accusing Parq Vancouver of some sort of "profiling" after the rap superstar tried to gamble last night and was refused by the casino. Hotel officials tell TMZ .it's investigating the allegations and taking the matter seriously.

by | November 06, 2018 | 07:38

He was on Sunday addressing a ceremony at the Central Party School (of the Communist Party of China) in Beijing which was shown live by the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) when the error happened. Pakistan's recently elected Prime Minister Imran Khan is one of the most popular premier of the country in recent times. It said that a strict action has been initiated in the matter against the officials involved.

by | November 06, 2018 | 07:24

The six students will be disciplined with punishments "commensurate with their involvement in this incident", Ford said. Several members of a Georgia high school marching band are in hot water after the large letters attached to their sousaphones spelled out a racial slur during a halftime show Friday night.

by | November 06, 2018 | 03:08

The "grey areas and technicalities" Mo'Nique spoke of were brought up by Wilson herself after a Twitter user pointed to Mo'Nique and Latifah's films. Her follow-up tweet, of course, was only met with more twiticism from many who accused the Pitch Perfect star of ignoring the achievements of black actresses.

by | November 06, 2018 | 00:51

We just got these photos of Demi and clothing guru Henry Levy grabbing coffee Sunday night in West Hollywood. and, as you can see, they're getting really close. Lovato was in rehab for 90 days. The star spent two weeks in hospital recovering before then transferring to a rehab centre where she has spent the past three months battling her ongoing addiction.

by | November 05, 2018 | 23:19

She won the award alongside a 21-year-old Afghanistan, Sonita Alizadeh; 17-year-old Lebanese, Mohamad Aljounde; 20-year-old Briton, Ellen Jones and an 18-year-old Xiuhtezcatl "X" Martinez. The world first learned of Cabello when she appeared on the USA version of "The X Factor", becoming a member of the group, Fifth Harmony. Joe Flizzow poses at the MTV Europe Music Awards held at Bilbao, Spain.

by | November 05, 2018 | 22:47

That's a great opening for the music biopic genre, and great news for 20th Century Fox , which spent $52 million to make it. " Bohemian Rhapsody " has proven to be a hit with audiences all over the world. Some have pointed to the turbulence behind the scenes, with Fox ultimately firing original director Bryan Singer - who retains his directing credit - and Dexter Fletcher being drafted in to finish things up.

by | November 05, 2018 | 22:12

The ad, which cost $670,000 to air during Sunday Night Football , is a slightly edited version of a video that Trump himself tweeted on October 31, which had a more explicit anti-Democrat sentiment. Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, tweeted that NBC News, CNN and Facebook had chosen "to stand with those illegall in this country". Fox News quickly followed in NBC's footsteps.

by | November 05, 2018 | 22:11

The iconic British pop group - which originally featured Mel B , Mel C , Emma Bunton , Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham - are set to launch a huge stadium tour of the United Kingdom next summer, and the members have secretly recorded a message ahead of the big announcement.

by | November 05, 2018 | 20:29

The death was ruled as accidental, and resulted from a mix of fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol (alcohol). Raq Rants: Raquel Harper talks to a celebrity guest with ties to the hip hop and R&B communities. It wasn't necessarily the amount of a certain drug over another that killed him, but the combination. He was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene.

by | November 05, 2018 | 20:10

Palmieri made the allegation in response to a story by New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, who accused Baldwin of inciting a harassment campaign against her because of a negative story she wrote about one of his fundraisers. It also has "hella" Middle Eastern Aladdins. "It makes nearly too much sense", she claimed. McKinnon's Ingraham asked after watching the clip. Kenan Thompson then brought along his Sheriff David Clarke impression to add more fear factoring to the pile-on of ...

by | November 05, 2018 | 19:10

Did you think Rick would go without a cliffhanger? During the episode titled " The Obliged " there was plenty of great dialogue and story development making what fans know is coming even more hard to accept and dreading for the next installment of the story.

by | November 05, 2018 | 18:58

In a video shared on the band's newly-created Twitter account on Tuesday, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm , Geri Horner and Emma Bunton are seen in a mock news broadcast, confirming the details of their tour. "It'd be a shame if she didn't". She said: "I wasn't in a very good space with my marriage and I didn't feel I could go on any more, living in this fake world with my marriage, so I said I can't go on".

by | November 05, 2018 | 16:56

There's a long history of musicians taking umbridge at politicians using their songs without permission, but the current United States president has incensed several high profile artists. The president chose to use Williams' song, "Happy", mere hours after 11 people lost their lives, to gun violence, at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.