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Its logo features the UNCF torch of leadership in education and its widely recognized motto, "A mind is a awful thing to waste, but a wonderful thing to invest in."® Today, UNCF supports more than 60,000 students at more than 1,100 colleges and universities.

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Inside the auditorium, Gaga was seen mingling with her co-stars Bradley Cooper , Sam Elliott , Andrew Dice Clay , Rafi Gavron , and more. The two embraced and he followed Gaga to the piano. Another person who was in the audience wrote on Twitter: "I think I just had a heart attack" before posting a picture of Cooper, Gaga and the other performers taking a bow.

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To make matters worse, Sanderson alleges Paltrow abandoned him on the mountain without seeking help for him. Sanderson alleges a skiing instructor lied on the report, claiming Paltrow did not injure him. Sanderson is now suing for medical expenses and life care expenses to be determined at trial. Attorneys for Sanderson said they have met with Paltrow's attorneys, but they disagree on just who caused the accident.

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According to TMZ , Smollett had gone out for food after landing when the assault occurred. Chicago PD are treating the vicious attack on the star, who had bleach poured on him and a noose tied around his neck, as a "possible hate crime", in a statement to E!News .

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After a week of drama off the ice, Gemma Collins tried to shift her Dancing on Ice experience back to the skating, only to be brought down to Earth by a horrifying fall on Sunday night. Gemma's horrific skating fall came in the closing moments of her live routine to Celine Dion ballad It's All Coming Back To Me . "She said, 'You know what?" "It will be her worst nightmare if she's forced to pull out of the show, she doesn't want to be a sick note, she wants to continue and we strongly ...

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According to Billboard , a subpoena is expected for the KUWTK star and other model-influencers who received payments from entrepreneur-turned-felon Billy McFarland to promote the festival that never was. Kendall Jenner might be catwalking her way to court thanks to her involvement with the Fyre Festival . The goal of the subpoenas is to determine what happened to the millions of dollars McFarland raised from investors, a collective $26 million, to finance the festival.

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Jonas! Nodding to their wedding day, Nick kept it casual in a button down, and Priyanka wore a strapless white dress with an embellished floral design and silver shoes. We love you! This was fantastic". Parineeti Chopra recently revealed that jeeju Nick Jonas gifted a diamond ring to all of Priyanka Chopra's bridesmaids.

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And while the pair appear to be happily settling into married life, the Australian actor spilled on what it's really like to be the popstar's hubby. Miley Cyrus heckled Liam Hemsworth in his G'Day USA Los Angeles Gala speech. Speaking to Extra at the gala, Hemsworth said planning the ceremony was easy to pull off. "She's finishing up recording her next album and she and Liam couldn't be happier".

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Rousey then cut a scathing promo of her own, saying that she wanted Lynch to be at her absolute best because she knows she could "kill" Lynch if she wanted to, and the only thing holding her back was her decision not to. Neither woman attacked the other, but Rousey closed out the segment by saying she accepted Lynch's challenge. The boos continued as got into Lynch's face.

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It revisits the claims of Wade Robson and James Safechuck that Jackson sexually abused them when they were minors. " Leaving Neverland isn't a documentary, it is the kind of tabloid character assassination Michael Jackson endured in life, and now in death", the lengthy statement read in part.

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Karter - who has been trying to get both the attention of former One Direction band members Harry Styles and Zayn Malik over the course of the past several months - shared the shocking photo with her almost 50,000 Instagram followers.

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Another added: " Gemma Collins fall was more fake than her personality! Boyfriend James "Arg" Argent, in the audience, said: "She's backstage crying her eyes out, she's embarrassed, she's in pain, she's got ice packs on her knees.I'm so proud of her, I love her".

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Speaking to Variety about the film, Efron had recently said, "This movie was really about a human being, somebody that perhaps I would have been friends with". However, in their opinion, the film did not nail perspective and seemed to be more of a recreation of archival footage than anything else. The Guardian's Benjamin Lee praised "Efron's remarkably accomplished, fiercely committed performance " but that the movie is "struggling to justify its existence".

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Birds of Prey opens in theaters February 7, 2020. The video doesn't give away anything in regards to plot, but it does give us blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpses at not only Harley's Birds of Prey look, but also Huntress ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ), Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), Black Mask ( Ewan McGregor ), Renee Montoya , ( Rosie Perez ), Cassandra Cain ( Ella Jay Basco ), and Victor Vsasz ( Chris Messina ).

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About 20 minutes into the show, after a few scenes labeled as "previously recorded", the entire cast gathered on stage to explain what had happened. The latter, of course, sounds like a much better show and far more in line with the spirit of " Rent ".

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The excited star, who worked with John on the film, took to the stage: "I'm going to share this completely with my husband John Krasinski because this entire experience of doing this with you has completely pierced my heart directly". She continued: "You go into this process not knowing what it's going to be like". We challenge you to find greater proof of Blunt's undeniable position as fashion's favourite muse.

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The source continued: "It's creating a supercharged atmosphere, and everyone can join in, but that are the consequences of this?" It's a similar move to Kate Middleton and Prince William as the couple opted against hiring a nanny for the first few months after welcoming oldest son Prince George in 2013, instead asking Kate's mother Carole Middleton to move in to their mansion in Norfolk.

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The image below sees Margot dressed in her eccentric Harley Quinn attire flashing a peace sign for the photo - so on brand. Harley Quinn wants to introduce the Birds of Prey gang. "She's so dedicated, cares so much, she is in it and works so hard - looks through every choice, reads through every draft, and has super-smart notes", Christian said .

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According to Deadline , Fox chose to go ahead with its TV version of the classic musical " Rent " on Sunday night, but used recording of the dress rehearsal instead of going live after one of its leads suffering an ankle injury. Martin had all been in attendance at the rehearsal. Hunt addressed the situation via Instagram just before the show began, showing his costume being altered to accommodate a cast on his leg.

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The soundtrack is full of bangers, and yes - as evidenced by these Vegas videos - Bradley and Gaga did sing for the film. Bradley Cooper joined Lady Gaga on stage in Las Vegas over the weekend. During one of the choruses, Bradley sat next to Gaga at the piano and wrapped his arm around her as they harmonized. Germanotta signed a two-year residency to perform at the MGM Park Theater in Las Vegas, which began at the end of 2018.