by | January 13, 2018 | 16:10

The clip opened up with Kim saying to her sister Khloe Kardashian: "Did you see how I just went off on Rob in our group texts?" Kim said. "I couldn't take it". Love makes you do fucked up things". HollywoodLifers , do you think Rob should have been a little calmer about the Chyna situation? Khloe said.

by | January 13, 2018 | 16:09

Bayern look certain to win the league once again. Franck Ribery and James Rodriguez were among the goals as Bayern Munich defeated Bayer Leverkusen 3-1 in a Bundesliga clash at the BayArena. The 72-year-old insists he will leave in May, having turned the team's fortunes around since replacing Ancelotti when Bayern were five points adrift of then-leaders Borussia Dortmund .

by | January 13, 2018 | 15:42

It's only the recent release of I, Tonya that's brought Harding back into the news cycle. He added: "Obviously it was bad what happened to Nancy, but when you could take a step back and a look at the story of Tonya's life and how she got there and the brutality that she lived with with her mother and her husband, you start to have a different perspective on it, and it makes you question your own judgments".

by | January 13, 2018 | 15:26

The studio, meanwhile, went on to produce and release more male-led standalone movies for its tried and tested superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, as well as brand new characters like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. First debuting in 2010's " Iron Man 2 ", Black Widow has appeared in five MCU films so far with Scarlett Johansson playing the role and she is slated to return later this year in " Avengers: Infinity War" and its fourth untitled installment in 2019.

by | January 13, 2018 | 13:58

And fans were ecstatic about her clap back. However, while the Black Swan actress received praise for her statement, some viewers disapproved with her timing. How we address topics of inequality and abuses of power have, and will, come in many different forms - some more effective than others. Spielberg was nominated in the category for his work on The Post , but ultimately lost out to The Shape of Water director Guillermo del Toro .

by | January 13, 2018 | 13:26

Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther concept album has dropped a new track. Black Panther is out in cinemas 16 February. Jay Rock was ideal, and Future was as Future as he's ever been, even bringing back the "Codeine Crazy" falsetto for a few bars, but all of that is just a distraction until the next time Kendrick breathes on the record.

by | January 13, 2018 | 12:42

All African countries at the United Nations unanimously demanded on Friday that US President Donald Trump retract and apologise for his reported denunciation of immigration from "shithole" nations. Senator Dick Durbin said Friday he witnessed what happened at a meeting with the president regarding a bipartisan compromise on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and confirmed the president used that language repeatedly.

by | January 13, 2018 | 12:04

Fury has been out of the ring since November 2015, when he shocked Wladimir Klitschko with a twelve round unanimous decision to capture the WBO , IBO, WBA , IBF world titles in Germany. He said there had been difficulties in organising a USA fight "so we're looking to bring the other guy Joseph Parker , who is a tidy champion". "We're dotting the i's and crossing the t's".

by | January 13, 2018 | 10:31

In a later tweet , Trump focused on remarks attributed to him about Haiti , saying: "Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country". "Leaders who actually cared about their people would do exactly that". We have Haitians who are driving cabs all throughout this country. Jeffress says Trump has courage and deserved gratitude for his leadership.

by | January 13, 2018 | 09:59

In addition to announcing the new series, Hulu and Warner Bros. In a bid to compete with Netflix, Hulu is adding more original content to its digital library. Animaniacs follows the Warner siblings and their escape from the Warner Bros. tower after being locked inside for a long time. Steven Spielberg, who served as executive producer and namesake on the original series, which was called Steven Spielberg's Animaniacs , will return to that role in the revival.

by | January 13, 2018 | 09:33

However according to police, several people took action on Chris and actually notified California's Department of Fish and Wildlife, who opened an investigation on him. "Now spending taxpayer money on investigating monkey business, this completes the circle on his absurdity". Internet goers believed the monkey was a gift to Royalty and feared for her safety.

by | January 13, 2018 | 09:34

The premise? Every superhero in the world seems to get a movie, so why not the Titans? If only they could get the hottest Hollywood film director to notice them. The trailer starts off with the Teen Titans giving fans what they know they want - Wonder Woman . Teen Titans GO! To The Movies will also feature Will Arnett as the voice of Slade and Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson.

by | January 13, 2018 | 09:31

Then again, maybe she finally snapped and let loose on somebody, which would be totally understandable after her experiences in Season 1. But at a certain point, you can't spend all your time second-guessing things. He continues, "These scenes that are so lovely, while set in such a awful place, provide the kind of contrast that makes me happy". He feels the same way about working with Moss.

by | January 13, 2018 | 09:01

He told the jury he was also abused at Mr Bennell's then home in the Peak District, where boys would watch horror movies in the dark, often sharing Mr Bennell's bed. The jury would have to decide, Mr Johnson added, whether they were listening to a group of men who, as Bennell alleges, had "jumped on the bandwagon" and maliciously made up stories.

by | January 13, 2018 | 08:24

Bishnoi was produced a day later in the same court amidst heavy security when he announced that he would kill Salman. On Monday, a senior officer informed the Superstar that three men in Mumbai wanted to kill him when at the same time a group of vandals was creating ruckus near the location where Salman was shooting.

by | January 13, 2018 | 08:03

But, while Samantha is holding out hope for an invitation to the big day, she gushes to the Mirror that Harry is "quirky and cute, and perfect" for her little sis. The official guest list has not yet been released, but the source is confident current US President Donald Trump would not be invited. She goes on, "I hope now that she knows I was there".

by | January 13, 2018 | 08:04

Dawson, who has 11m YouTube subscribers , tells his fans: "I am not a f--ing paedophile!" And she shows me her Instagram which are like... "It's disgusting that some people are saying I'm a f**king paedophile because of some s***ty a** f**king jokes on a podcast from six years ago!" Shane Dawson is a YouTube personality who lives in Los Angeles, California.

by | January 13, 2018 | 07:33

After he won a best-actor Golden Globe on Sunday night, actress Violet Paley accused Franco on Twitter of sexual misconduct. Three former acting students of James Franco have alleged he created environments which were sexually exploitative, and withheld roles in his film projects for up-and-coming performers who were willing to appear nude.

by | January 13, 2018 | 07:18

Clearly not tolerating any hate, Yolanda shot back at the haters with this epic response, "Anybody who sexualises a innocent picture of 3&4 year old babies in angel wings has a serious problem in my opinion and should immediately unfollow me!" The gals' momagers.

by | January 13, 2018 | 05:54

At the time , BuzzFeed knew the dossier had been compiled by a leading expert on Russian espionage and that key Senate members, including Harry Reid and John McCain acted in response. On his tweet praising Kushner, Trump joked that the next one facing scrutiny over ties to Russian Federation would be his youngest son, Barron Trump.