by | June 18, 2019 | 22:54

With Google taking the lead, perhaps RCS will be more available in more parts of the world. When the chat request appears in Google Messages, you will have to accept it to enable RCS services from Google. We fundamentally believe that communication, especially messaging, is highly personal and users have a right to privacy for their communications. Sanaz Ahari, the product management director overseeing Android Messages, told to The Verge that Google is fully committed to finding a ...

by | June 18, 2019 | 20:35

Users who run into other hang-ups can report them via the status page to ensure Google knows about them. Google has yet to make any official comment on what caused the issues, though the G Suite Status page has been updated to showcase that there are some service disruptions with Google Calendar, and the tech giant is now investigating them.

by | June 18, 2019 | 19:23

Microsoft has been markedly quiet about its relationship with Huawei as the China-based technology firm has become public enemy number one in the on-going trade war battles between its parent nation and the U.S. Now the lot has returned to the online store as if they'd never left, without explanation on the part of Microsoft or Huawei proper. For now, the company says it's selling the "existing inventory" which is "compliant with current USA regulations".

by | June 18, 2019 | 16:26

Open the Instagram app, and go to the login page. Seeing the emerging trend of holding Instagram users on ransom for their accounts, the Facebook-owned social media platform is testing new account recovery tools. With companies introducing stricter rules, hackers will also invent new methods to get past them. Good luck getting it back. Additional support will still be available to those who need it though, according to an Instagram spokesperson.

by | June 18, 2019 | 15:39

It will be available in Midnight Blue and Seawater Blue Gradient. It will come with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. For Vodafone-Idea subscribers users will receive a cashback worth Rs 3,750 on recharge of Rs 255. It has a 6.3-inch full-HD + infinity o display. The display panel comes with the company's screen sound technology. The device draws its power from a 1.8GHz octa-core Exynos 7904 SoC, paired with 4GB RAM.

by | June 18, 2019 | 15:23

Though the tweet has since been deleted, the instructional video that it included is still viewable via the company's YouTube channel. This is also true for your QLED TV if it's connected to Wi-Fi! Samsung suggests carrying out this slightly arduous task every few weeks, which many people are unlikely to do.

by | June 18, 2019 | 14:36

If you want 5G, you'll need to get the 5.4-inch or the 6.7-inch model; the 6.1-inch model will still only go up to LTE, per the research note . Apple is expected to launch three new iPhone models in the second half of 2020 including two high-end variants with 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch OLED displays as well as a lower-end offering with a 6.1-inch screen, also of the OLED variety.

by | June 18, 2019 | 13:24

Mario, World's match-three puzzle gameplay should be familiar. Also in the video Nintendo talks about Dr. Mario World's mictotransactions, which come in the form of Diamonds that you can buy through the in-game shop. Mario World on a regular basis after launch. If you want to pre-order Dr. Mario World , you can do so on the Apple App Store or Google Play right now.

by | June 18, 2019 | 11:18

Are you looking forward to playing with Keanu? And of course, I think we all danced a little when he stepped up on the stage of E3 19 amidst a frenzied audience to announce his new role? He's the number two character in terms of lines and spoken text.

by | June 17, 2019 | 21:58

In 2016, a Genius software engineer noticed Google had the official Panda version as well, so it began watermarking its song lyrics and has since found more than 100 examples of Google's search engine taking its lyrics. Since the needed lyrics show up in Google information panels, users do not take the trouble of clicking on the original publisher leading to drop in site traffic.

by | June 17, 2019 | 20:15

You can check out the locations for the rest of the Fortbytes in our guide below. This has probably been one of the trickier Fortbytes in a while (that isn't reliant on Battle Pass gating), as it relies on not only older map knowledge, but map knowledge that isn't often referenced by name.

by | June 17, 2019 | 17:24

It would have been more interesting to see them appear in a not-so-orderly fashion, but the leaks must have a mind of their own. Google's Pixel 3a has beaten phones from manufacturers such as Samsung , BLU, Motorola and others to gain the top spot.

by | June 17, 2019 | 09:59

Xiaomi allows phone owners to try out new MIUI features in the public MIUI Beta program, but now that's coming to an end. Xiaomi is sending their updates through Beta and Stable editions. MIUI Global Beta ROM was designed keeping smartphone enthusiasts in mind who want to be amongst the first ones to experience new features. The company has been releasing MIUI Global Beta ROMs for its community and developers in all of their devices, which helps to support them in developing the software ...

by | June 16, 2019 | 20:37

If the Mate X was unable to use Android, it could ship with Huawei's own Homemeng OS - set to launch as "Ark OS" in Europe - which the firm is reportedly readying for a rollout in October . This isn't Huawei's only concern, though, as it's also being forced to battle the ongoing effects of the U.S. trade ban, which this week forced it to cancel the launch of its next-gen MateBook laptop due to its inability to use Windows or Intel chips.

by | June 16, 2019 | 19:46

The regulatory filing doesn't reveal much about the upcoming MacBook models except their model numbers, and the fact that they are all running macOS Mojave. Also, Apple is said to be working on a brand new 16 inch MacBook Pro with an overhauled design. The other Models would be of the existing MacBook Air or a new range, we don't know about that.

by | June 16, 2019 | 19:31

Xiaomi has released a teaser image on social media that calls the Redmi K20 Pro the "world's fastest phone". Besides a more stable experience, this step is expected to allow Xiaomi to push stable updates to devices under the Mi and Redmi branding more frequently.

by | June 16, 2019 | 16:53

We know the Pixel 2 XL isn't the latest or greatest, and that Google already is teasing the Pixel 4 , but at this price you may consider purchasing one of these. Google's official reveal of the Pixel 4's configuration affirmed the leaks: much like Apple's rumored iPhone 11 , the Pixel 4 is set to include a huge, square-shaped camera module on the back.

by | June 16, 2019 | 14:30

It would appear that everyone's favorite new MOBA trend is Auto Chess , so of course, Valve has their own version in the works that's built off of Dota . What you'll be able to do is relatively basic, but it should allow players to gauge the strength of Valve's new game and determine whether it'll be more popular than Artifact .

by | June 16, 2019 | 14:24

For this model, Samsung has also introduced a No Gap Wall Mount, which removes space between the product and the wall . For a while Samsung has been toying with the concept of a enormous, modular TV , dubbed The Wall. The advanced AI picture quality engine uses machine learning to optimize images on a scene-by-scene basis, enabling lower res content to match the screen's resolution.

by | June 16, 2019 | 09:56

As reported by Androidpolice, a number of Huawei phone users have noticed that their devices have suddenly begun displaying ads in their lockscreens. government, which prohibits the company from installing Google apps and services ( also includes Android ). For comparison, Huawei pointed to a similar issue that had earlier affected Samsung phones about a year ago.