by | August 30, 2018 | 03:25

It comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, that is expandable up to 256GB via microSD card. The biggest downside from the Note 8 model persists in the new Note 9, at least for DIYers, and that's ample use of glue. The S-Pen even serves as a handy remote control for taking selfies and group pictures, ensuring you're always neatly in the frame. Running Android Oreo, the smartphone comes equipped with a dual rear camera set up - 12MP + 12MP sensors along with an 8MP front ...

by | August 30, 2018 | 00:38

Intel has unveiled its eight-generation U-series "Whiskey Lake" and Y-series "Amber Lake" processors which are aimed at thin and light laptops. All three support LPDDR3 2133MHz or DDR4 2400MHz memory. Whereas the Y-series has been designed for low power usage at TDP of 5W and is less powerful than the U-series above. If you want to play games on the go, then it sounds like these new U-Series chips could last your entire journey without a laptop recharge required.

by | August 30, 2018 | 00:30

It is only the fifth time in history that North and South Korea have set joint teams to global sporting competitions - previously co-operating in two events in 1991. Rikako Ikee of Japan competes 2018 Asian Games' Women's 100m butterfly. The cheering intensified for the local hope after Japan's Keisuke Ushiro completed his win in the decathlon and the women's 100 finished.

by | August 29, 2018 | 23:40

The new UI will be rolling out "over the next month", but that pace may stray depending on device and region. Google Assistant gets smarter and more contextual. You can change watch faces by press and hold, much like it is in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Now all your notifications will be grouped under one scrollable menu and it will also be possible to respond to certain apps directly from this menu.

by | August 29, 2018 | 03:01

The heroic acts of people at the Jacksonville shooting who used their bodies to try to shield younger players from the loser gamer gunman on Sunday have emerged. He described one incident in which his son was handcuffed by police after locking himself in his mother's vehicle in an attempt to avoid going to a mental health appointment with her.

by | August 28, 2018 | 14:44

It also shows a daily average. On mobile, checking your watch time is as simple as opening YouTube and then tapping your portrait in the top right corner to open the settings menu, and then just hitting the option that says "Time watched".

by | August 28, 2018 | 06:39

In just three and a half months millions of Switch fans will be happily battling it out in Super Smash Bros . Ultimate in the USA, but this one will come with a different assortment of contents. Don't forget to also check out the Game Cube controller adapter for $20. Ultimate looks to be the biggest installment yet, as Nintendo revealed that every single playable character in every Super Smash title will be a part the massive line up, as well as recently announcing five new fighters and ...

by | August 28, 2018 | 06:38

According to Bloomberg's sources, Google has an event scheduled for Thursday, October 9 in NY, where it will show off its new phones - as well as (perhaps) a Pixel Watch and a new Pixelbook . If you're a fan of Google's hardware, we'd suggest you start saving up now, and mark the date in your diary. However, the Bloomberg source is anonymous and Google has yet to make any official announcement about a Pixel 3 launch date.

by | August 28, 2018 | 06:40

Apart from the good news itself there are very few details about Streets Of Rage 4 at the moment, but you can see from the trailer above that it uses an art style not dissimilar to Lizardcube's work on Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap . However, Dotemu is promising a "thumping soundtrack" for the new installment, but the composer for the new game was not named. The original Streets of Rage debuted on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1991 and was an immediate success both critically and ...

by | August 28, 2018 | 01:08

If you made the same payments as All Access, you'd make a $9.99 payment each month to Xbox Game Pass , a $5 payment to Xbox Live Gold , which would leave you $20 a month to pay on your purchase of the $499 Xbox One X. Last week, Microsoft's plans for an "Xbox All Access" bundle leaked onto the web. Both options include the option to forego any upfront costs and pay 0 percent April for 24 months.

by | August 27, 2018 | 23:23

Corroborating previous rumors , the report states that the three models will keep the iPhone X's edge-to-edge screen design. All three will look similar to the iPhone X that was launched a year ago, although one of them will have an aluminium frame in place of steel body and will be relatively cheaper.

by | August 27, 2018 | 00:38

Players have no doubt seen emails pop up warning them of people trying to access their accounts, with 2FA another way to make sure your information stays safe. In your ACCOUNT SETTINGS , click on the PASSWORD & SECURITY tab to view your security settings. Fortnite enable 2FA and the Boogie Down emote you get as a reward is an incentive for people to get their accounts 2FA'd for everyone's safety.

by | August 27, 2018 | 00:36

Google's Pixel 3 XL has been breaking leak records these past few days, and we hope you're ready for some newly outed details. If the notch of the smartphone were to spread from one vertical end of the device to the other, it would be large enough to cover two whole rows of notifications.

by | August 27, 2018 | 00:27

He wrote "I put Windows 95 into an Electron app that now runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux", and joked "It's a bad idea that works shockingly well". I find myself wishing I could go back to that time period and purchase stock in Microsoft and AOL. However, Internet Explorer can't detect an internet connection.

by | August 26, 2018 | 18:25

But it's one that can learn to recognize your family (including your real life pets) and gain a personality over time. The First Litter Edition box is packed with a robotic dog aibo , fun accessories and toys like a pink ball and a toy-bone for aibo , a 3-year AI cloud plan and an individually numbered dog identity label.

by | August 26, 2018 | 09:43

The pro-level Turing cards have been built for the rigours of ray tracing , and by sporting the same RTX moniker it's looking like the new GeForce gaming cards are going to be heavily focused on the same ray traced goal. It has put much thought and effort into this so it is likely to provide this technology to most upcoming games. Ray tracing is the primary technology that's been used to create realistic rendering since the mid-1980s - and with RTX, Nvidia says it has significantly ...

by | August 25, 2018 | 13:40

The firefighters are now trying to control and put out the Mendocino Complex Fire, which has become the largest wildfire in the state's history. In the lawsuit, the fire department says the throttling was a result of the repeal of net neutrality rules.

by | August 24, 2018 | 18:07

The compromised data, however, listed customers' names, the associated billing zip codes, and phone numbers, email addresses, account types and numbers, and so on - still pretty unpleasant to have to deal with. T-Mobile revealed that hackers may have stolen personal information on some of its customers. Information on the precise circumstances of the breach is sparse, though T-Mobile's acknowledgment of the event is admirably prompt.

by | August 24, 2018 | 16:24

Talking about the specifications, the forthcoming smartphone from Samsung is expected to feature a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display with resolution of 1080X2220. Presently, there is an option to sign up for updates about the handset and availability. While it is still a stripped-down version of the OS, with lighter apps, it has Samsung's own skin on top.

by | August 23, 2018 | 22:45

Players will find themselves part of the Penitentiary Unit, a military force formed entirely of criminals, and therefore disposable, who have been tasked with defending the skies against this new and terrifying threat. "Thank you all once again for your patience, support and continued enthusiasm, we'll see you in the skies soon!" Aside from a release date announcement, Bandai Namco also revealed a new trailer for the game looking at cutscenes of the main story mode.