by | January 28, 2019 | 02:29

Its C-pillars bear special badges reminiscent of those Land Cruiser models wore all the way back in the 1960s. Interestingly, the vehicle's running boards and chrome lower body side trim have been deleted (ostensibly in the name of its "overlanding focus"), while darkened headlamp housings, foglamps with dark chrome surrounds and side mirrors with darkened chrome details also serve to set this model apart.

by | January 27, 2019 | 22:30

According to sources, the early phase of PUBG Lite is available in Thailand only, which means you have to be a resident of Thailand but later on, it'll expand to more locations in the world. However, users with at least an Intel Core i3 CPU and integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 - in other words, at least an Ivy Bridge chip from 2012 - should also be able to run the game.

by | January 27, 2019 | 22:16

The company kicked off last year's I/O on May 8. So, there will be many much new announcements for developers. Just like last year (and the year before that), Google posted a puzzle that people could to solve in order to discover the date and location of the company's annual developer conference , I/O.

by | January 27, 2019 | 21:30

The announcements didn't end there though. To snag this reward, all you have to do is play the Red Dead Online Beta between January 25th and 27th to qualify for the bonus, which will be delivered to your account by January 29, 2019. Why? "We've since added some minor improvements that should help generate fuller lobbies and we will add more fixes in upcoming title updates ". Players compete in an ever-shrinking battle zone with horses for quick transport (and associated risks).

by | January 27, 2019 | 20:43

The reason why we are saying this is because Apple has recently released a new iOS 12.2 beta and it contains a new configuration tool that hints at AirPods 2 . At the same time, Apple could always postpone the launch of AirPods 2 launch. The first beta of iOS 12.2 has revealed the Hey Siri' setup interface which gave room to the news.

by | January 27, 2019 | 18:28

After being let into the VIP Demo of the game, there were more than a few problems in the EA title - players' inability to get past the home screen and a variety of other connectivity problems. Players with a specific combination of entitlements , such as pre-order incentives, were being blocked from accessing the demo. It's been incredibly humbling to see so many people watching along with us on Twitch (over 300K concurrent viewers yesterday & over 100M minutes watched - those ...

by | January 26, 2019 | 23:31

Requests can be modified in-flight to change how the browser behaves in a wide variety of scenarios. On the other hand, this gives the API a lot of power-the extension can use whatever matching algorithms it likes to pick and choose which requests are allowed and which are blocked.

by | January 26, 2019 | 20:55

With one click, you can now download the productivity suite, which includes Word , Excel , PowerPoint , Outlook , OneNote, and OneDrive. Jared Spataro , corporate vice president at Microsoft, is similarly enthused, stating: "We are excited to announce that today Office 365 is arriving in the Mac App Store".

by | January 26, 2019 | 08:44

A good quality game takes at least two to three years to make and can easily take longer . While Retro is taking the reins, Metroid Prime 4 producer Kensuke Tanabe will still be overseeing development. In any case, the USA -based Retro Studios, the team behind the original Metroid Prime games, will be the ones handling development on the reboot.

by | January 26, 2019 | 03:57

The social network was allegedly interested in showing adverts to Whatsapp users, whilst the app's founders wanted to introduce tough encryption which would stop the harvesting of users' data. Integrating the messaging parts might simplify Facebook's work. But messaging functionality would be shared across them, so users on Instagram could text people on WhatsApp.

by | January 25, 2019 | 18:57

The hook-up comes following various experiments by Samsung in the crypto sphere, these including manufacturing of mining hardware chips and multiple blockchain initiatives. The rumours have been circulating for roughly a month or two , but recent images leaked on Twitter hint towards the reports being real. Moving around to the back of the phones, you can see a horizontal pod that houses three cameras and an LED lash.

by | January 25, 2019 | 18:10

Apple added a former Tesla executive to a leading role on the self-driving vehicle tech team previous year, and the staff cut came with internal reorganization. Returning to Apple after spending five years working on Tesla's Model 3 certainly gave him the experience to help Apple develop a auto, but now there's a new twist.

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:49

Yes, developer GIANTS Software is setting up a full esports league , complete with a prize pool of €250,000 (around $282,000), for competitive farming. The first event, held in Hanover, Germany in 2017, drew larger than expected crowds. A weird new eSports competition has cropped up, with players battling to stack hay bales in front of crowds of hundreds of excited fans.

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:48

It told smartphone assemblers Foxconn and Pegatron to produce about 100,000 fewer units daily to reflect reduced demand - down 20 percent to 25 percent from the original projections. For users, OLEDs produce more vivid colors and deeper blacks on the screen, compared to LCD displays. It is worth adding that Japan Display's more than half the revenue until March 2018, came directly from Apple.

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:47

These ratings are based on "journalistic standards of credibility and transparency". NewsGuard can be toggled on via Edge's settings under "news rating". "We have only very recently become aware of the NewsGuard start-up and are in discussions with them to have this egregiously erroneous classification resolved as soon as possible", said a spokesman for Mail Online .

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:45

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , which came out on December 7th, had the biggest launch month for any platform exclusive. One thing is for sure, though: a new Nintendo Switch console with specs and abilities similar to the one rumoured here would sure be a tantalising proposition for gamers, granting them the ability to play the Nintendo games they love with better performance and graphics and enjoy genuine UHD content, too.

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:45

This Friday, 25th January, people who have either pre-ordered Anthem or who subscribe to EA/Origin Access, will get a chance to play some of Anthem in the comfort of their own homes before anyone else. Suit up with the Ranger Javelin and unlock another Javelin of your choice for a preview of the adventures waiting in Anthem . Following that, an open demo will go live for everyone on February 1.

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:41

However, that the smartphone has been greatly developed and these issues have been quashed. President of Xiaomi , Lin Bin, tweeted a teaser video of a foldable phone so the trend is on the Chinese company's radar. So, we don't have any timeline about its unveiling and neither any specs information that could hint what beast the folding phone is holding under its flexible chassis.

by | January 25, 2019 | 17:02

The former is meant to suppress bright flashes and notifications in cinemas, while the sleep mode is meant to improve recording in sleep and at the same time suppress notifications that would wake the user up. The update is now being distributed in the U.S., but should also roll out to other regions in the coming days or weeks if no serious bugs are discovered and automatically offered on the Gear S3.

by | January 25, 2019 | 16:09

This practically means that no more new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options or technical content updates for Windows Phones . Moving ahead, the Windows Phone 8.1 was released in 2014, and then the Windows 10 Mobile in 2015. It had been speculated that Microsoft would gear up for one last assault on the market with the oft-rumoured Surface phone, but such a device never materialised.