by | March 15, 2019 | 10:42

Although Samsung is proud of its Infinity-O display, the company is certainly not stopping there and is now working on a full-screen phone with the camera sensors hidden. Which company will be the first to deliver this dream phone? Samsung said in a presentation last October that it was looking into several different technologies to maximize screen space, according to The Verge .

by | March 15, 2019 | 08:10

One potential problem, however, is that the change seems to affect any app running under Android Q , whether that app targets the version of Android or not. There will be a high-performance mode with low latency so that users can take advantage of stutter-free Wi-Fi connectivity while playing games, video and voice calls.

by | March 15, 2019 | 05:27

It's called Game Stack and it means Azure, PlayFab , DirectX, Visual Studio, Xbox Live , App Center, and Havok will be offered as an ecosystem to work within on the platform of your choice, be that Xbox and Windows, or mobile devices, PlayStation, or Switch.

by | March 15, 2019 | 04:53

More and more apps have been rolling out dark mode recently. YouTube, Google Maps, Twitter and Google News are among the key apps on both iOS and Android offering the " dark mode " feature. From there, you can enable the dark mode in the settings . It is a welcome feature, especially if you are using Slack throughout the day during the work week.

by | March 15, 2019 | 04:53

After over 10 months of announcing the app at I/O 2018 developer conference, Google has released it in the United States. Users can open Lookout , select one of the three modes, and lookout will detect nearby objects, people, and text as they move through a space.

by | March 14, 2019 | 23:23

Iwao, a computer scientist and software engineer whose official title is cloud developer advocate, used y-cruncher, a program created by US software developer Alexander J. She took 25 Google Cloud virtual machines and 170 terabytes of data to complete the calculation for the record. The semi-official holiday for the unique number is celebrated by eating actual pies.

by | March 14, 2019 | 20:27

Today, the company announced Android Q Beta 1 for the Google Pixel phones and the system images can be downloaded for the Pixel , Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL . This information has been revealed by Android Developer Illiyan Malchev in the Android Developers Backstage podcast . We have been speculating when Android Q Beta was going to launch with most speculation pointing to the middle of this current month based on previous years.

by | March 14, 2019 | 18:22

Ontario's students need to be able to focus on their learning - not their cellphones. "We allow cellphones in a classroom when teachers want to use them for instructional purposes and we do have a formal procedure on that, so we do recognize the value-a phone is actually a computer-and used quite often bt our classroom teachers".

by | March 14, 2019 | 17:27

On the website , there were "problems at Facebook". Facebook weren't the only ones turning to Twitter in the absence of their other social media apps, with many making jokes about the outage. "Up and running here.for now.But I predict a baby boom in 9 months, Remember that day FB went down and people were forced to notice each other?", this person wrote.

by | March 14, 2019 | 14:14

In a blog post, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek argues that Apple is giving itself an "unfair advantage" through its 30 per cent " Apple Tax", which sees the firm charging a 30 per cent fee toward any sales through its App Store , including subscription services.

by | March 14, 2019 | 09:29

As many as 250 global scientists have signed a United Nations and World Health Organisation petition raising serious concerns against the use of numerous wireless devices and call for protection. Bluetooth technology uses low-power radio waves. However, the petition isn't new - it originated in 2015 - and specifically calls out non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (used in all Bluetooth devices), as well as radiofrequency radiation emitting devices (like cell phones and Wi-Fi) as unsafe.

by | March 14, 2019 | 08:56

The top-of-the-line model also includes what appears to be a dedicated bottom-firing speaker. As of now, we only know that the Huawei P30 will be launching at Paris at the end of this month and we are still waiting for further details on what the P30 is all about.

by | March 14, 2019 | 06:40

Just as Android 9 Pie came with different kinds of display notch designs, the Android Q has been created to better manage the contents on devices with foldable screens. As for what's coming in the future, Android Q also has the foldable tech into consideration. Google is giving developers the ability to incorporate a system settings panel right within their app, allowing you to do things like turn on wi-fi or airplane mode without ever leaving your browser.

by | March 14, 2019 | 06:30

The "roadmap pushout", as one source familiar with the matter described the move to Business Insider , raises questions about the extent of Google's commitment to building its own line of laptops and tablets, a fiercely competitive market with thin razor profit margins.

by | March 14, 2019 | 06:28

Among the villains the player character goes up against is Kyohei Hamura , leader of the Matsugane-gumi yakuza syndicate, who is voiced by, and looks like, Taki . "We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause for customers, as well as the parties involved". Mr Taki, who plays a gangster in the game, was arrested on Tuesday night on suspicion of using cocaine .

by | March 14, 2019 | 06:27

Check out the new skin variants below which include alternate looks for Renegade Raider and Scarlet Defender (thanks, Fortnite News ). This news comes after another player on shared on Reddit that the Japanese version of the game had a "confirm purchase" screen whereas the Western version of the game didn't.

by | March 14, 2019 | 06:24

Recipients don't have to have a Firefox account to access the file, just the link. Send also lets you configure auto-expiry settings for the link. "If you choose a download cap, the file can be deleted from out server sooner". A screenshot of the file uploading process in Firefox Send . 'Sending files over the internet is something many of us do everyday. Nowadays, just about every file sharing service keeps the users' uploaded files unencrypted, or they may even mine the users' data ...

by | March 14, 2019 | 06:25

Can the video game industry sustain yet another console? Raymond revealed the news herself in a tweet , simply saying she had "joined Google as a VP". The first is Project Stream , which allows gamers to play AAA titles using nothing but a web browser. We'll have the livestream right here, so you can follow along in real time.

by | March 14, 2019 | 06:23

If you don't enable the system-wide dark mode in macOS Mojave, you won't be able to enjoy the dark mode in Google Chrome as well. As per Chrome 73's release notes , Windows support is "on the way". Aside from Dark Mode rollout and new media playback options, Chrome 73 adds other notable features for both users and developers alike. However, the feature is not applicable to secure pages when accessed via Chrome's desktop version.

by | March 14, 2019 | 02:11

They, according to the social network, associated with the company Web Sun Group. As pointed out in a report by The Verge , this the second instance in two weeks where Facebook has filed such a lawsuit . Facebook filed a similar lawsuit last week, suing four Chinese companies that allegedly sold fake Facebook accounts and user engagement. "In fact, Defendants knew that the applications were created to scrape the app users' public profiles on Facebook and other social networking ...