by | February 18, 2019 | 17:21

Oil headed for its biggest weekly gain in a month as the OPEC+ coalition's supply cuts and reduced output from the world's biggest offshore field overshadowed renewed concern over the U.S. "Brent should average $70 per barrel in 2019, helped by voluntary (Saudi, Kuwait, UAE) and involuntary (Venezuela, Iran) declines in OPEC supply", Bank of America Merrill Lynch said.

by | February 18, 2019 | 17:10

Another one bites the dust? Payless , which bills itself as the "largest specialty family footwear retailer in the Western Hemisphere", was founded in 1956 and is a privately held company owned by an group that includes Alden Global Capital, Invesco Senior Secured Management, and Octagon Credit Investors.

by | February 18, 2019 | 16:09

Last week, Amazon ended its Queens, Long Island, plan, citing a lack of political support . Amazon announced on Thursday that it had cancelled its plans to build a new headquarters in New York City , giving in to vocal opposition from local politicians and activists who were particularly enraged about the roughly $3 billion in tax breaks that Amazon had been offered to come to the Big Apple.

by | February 18, 2019 | 08:41

The potential Tesla rival late past year unveiled an electric pickup truck and an electric sport utility vehicle at an auto show in Los Angeles. In backing Rivian , Amazon is making a second auto investment in short order. Amazon has invested $700 million into electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian , following the launch of its all-electric truck and SUV. It's unclear whether the potential deal would include GM taking an equity stake.

by | February 15, 2019 | 09:23

Ghosn, who was sent by Renault to lead a turnaround at Nissan after its near-bankruptcy in 1999, has remained in custody at the Tokyo Detention Centre since his arrest in November. Hironaka's office said the attorney was out. "I look forward to defending myself vigorously, and this represents the beginning of the process of not only establishing my innocence but also shedding light on the circumstances that led to my unjust detention", the Franco-Brazilian-Lebanese executive said.

by | February 15, 2019 | 06:00

Eeros's most popular system is priced at US$399 (A$561) and can include a one-year subscription service for US$99 (A$139), according to its website. Amazon could eventually let users control their Eero router using Alexa voice commands, Russell says , making it easier to add or remove devices from the network, or turn off internet access to select devices.

by | February 15, 2019 | 05:16

Unlike bitcoin , only big institutional clients of J.P. Morgan that have undergone regulatory checks, like corporations, banks and broker-dealers can use the tokens. "Money sloshes back and forth all over the world in a large enterprise", Farooq continued. It will be launched in a test mode in the coming months.

by | February 14, 2019 | 21:52

This prompted the New York Post front page headline: " Bezos exposes Pecker". Bezos has said AMI threatened to publish explicit photos of him unless he stopped investigating how the Enquirer obtained his private exchanges, and publicly declared that the Enquirer's coverage of him was not politically motivated.

by | February 14, 2019 | 21:38

Public officials from places such as Miami , Toronto and Syracuse in Upstate New York have issued public statements trying to capitalize on the kerfuffle between local New York City lawmakers and the multi-billion dollar company.

by | February 14, 2019 | 20:53

The Reuters source says the deal could be announced as early as this month but cautions nothing is final yet. An investment in Rivian could help GM get an electric pickup to market faster and help ward off upstarts such as Tesla Inc. He added that the company plans to partner with outside firms to develop advanced self-driving technology, rather than try to do so on its own. GM CEO Mary Barra has said it has given a "tiny bit" of thought to developing all-electric pickups.

by | February 14, 2019 | 20:39

The companies didn't disclose the purchase price Monday when they announced the acquisition . According to PitchBook, Eero was last valued at US$125 million in a Series D in 2017, and is backed by firms such as Shasta Ventures and Qualcomm.

by | February 14, 2019 | 18:27

Last week, Tesla lowered the price of its Model 3 sedan for the second time this year to make its cars more affordable for US buyers. "Set Keep Climate On to DOG, make adjustments within temperature limits, then leave knowing your pet will stay comfortable", according to Tesla's release notes , published by Mashable.

by | February 14, 2019 | 16:55

Trump in December postponed plans to sharply hike tariffs on US$200 billion of Chinese imports to allow more time for negotiation. The country's trade surplus in January totaled $39.16 billion, beating economists' expectations. Since then China has offered to close its trade surplus with the USA by buying more soyabeans and other commodities, but the Trump administration is pushing for a more comprehensive agreement that addresses intellectual property theft, technology transfer and ...

by | February 14, 2019 | 13:11

Emirates also has orders for 35 Boeing 777-8 and 115 777-9, with options for 50 more. The A320 is a narrow-body jet which in December had been ordered by more than 70 airlines, and is now used by the likes of American Airlines, Lufthansa, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

by | February 14, 2019 | 12:45

But they have resisted making major changes in development plans they see as a path to prosperity and global influence. An American delegation is in Beijing to conduct bilateral trade talks with China . Trump said last week they plan to meet, but not before the March 1 deadline. During an interview Monday, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway said the president wants to meet with President Xi very soon.

by | February 14, 2019 | 10:57

Brent crude futures continue to track higher with bulls eying a break above the 2019 peak ($63.63/bbl). The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( Opec ) said it tightened its crude taps to cut nearly 800,000 barrels a day from its oil exports in January after vowing to drain excess oil from the oversupplied market.

by | February 14, 2019 | 08:25

German airline Lufthansa is trying to sue a passenger who exploited the ticketing system by not taking the final leg of their multi-stop journey. The move could threaten a widely used travel trick that sees airline passengers leave their journey at a layover instead of the final destination to take advantage of cheaper flights.

by | February 14, 2019 | 07:19

Huawei saw its shipments increase 10 percent on year in Q4 due largely to patriotic support from consumers following the arrest of its CFO Meng Wangzhou in Canada in early December 2018. Apple also has to cope with the rise of Chinese rivals such as Huawei, which is eroding its share of a market once pivotal to driving its growth. "De-subsidization has made the iPhone look much more expensive at the point of sale in China, causing iPhone demand to crash", he said .

by | February 14, 2019 | 07:09

A. Milne character after people claimed the character held a physical resemblance to Xi Jinping. Other sites that are blocked include Twitter and Facebook . According to Steve Huffman , the CEO of Reddit , Tencent's advantages in video games are part of the reason the two companies work together. For example, Reddit user ChristopherVDV posted an image of Winnie the Pooh criticizing the investment.

by | February 13, 2019 | 20:14

This in sharp contrast to the delivery hell that prompted Tesla to call on their fans to volunteer last September after they had finally brought production up to speed reportedly . This year Tesla plans to add another model to its lineup, the Tesla Semi, which the head of Daimler's truck business notoriously mocked as going against the laws of physics.