by | January 29, 2019 | 19:27

He also spelled global warming as "Global Waming " giving enough hint that his past goofups with spellings haven't yet taught him a lesson. Trump - who has called climate change a hoax invented by the Chinese - took issue with the scientific consensus of global warming by pointing out that it will be severely cold in some parts of the country this week.

by | January 29, 2019 | 17:23

The company has also created a new task force to design more efficient packaging. While Samsung is getting rid of the protective plastics from its smartphones , it will be replaced in other products with bioplastics from starch or sugar cane, both bio-degradable materials.

by | January 29, 2019 | 02:25

Palatine, a suburban Chicago, saw 5.2 inches this morning as the storm created hard travel conditions or drivers and fliers. The low temperature in Minneapolis may fall to almost minus 25 Wednesday and Thursday mornings while wind chills could plummet to minus 50.

by | January 27, 2019 | 20:27

It would have formed deep within the moon in the mantle, where scientists think different rock compositions can be found. When the Apollo 14 astronauts returned samples from the moon's surface , they probably didn't realize that they were reuniting Earth with a bit of its early history.

by | January 25, 2019 | 20:54

In keeping with long-standing NASA policy regarding medical privacy, no details about the reason for Boe's reassignment were provided. Boe will take over Fincke's previous position as assistant to the chief of the astronaut office for commercial crew .

by | January 25, 2019 | 19:42

If the first part rings a bell, it's because the shark was named after an arcade game from the 1980s: Galaga . Its teeth are also the reason the shark carries its retro-inspired scientific name. Rex , as this finding suggests, were contemporaries. Altogether with the name of its finder, this inspired the research team to devise the species' scientific name as Galagadon nordquistae .

by | January 25, 2019 | 16:09

When combined with man-made global warming , though, the effects are supercharged. Here's the manner by which it works: When the North Atlantic Oscillation is in what researchers call a "positive" phase, the skies above Greenland will, in general, be cloudy, and along these lines, don't encourage melting, Bevis said.

by | January 25, 2019 | 16:02

Astronomers managed to capture the moment of an impact during this week's eclipsed moon. This alignment causes light from the Sun to be refracted, making the Moon appear to be a reddish color. He doubled the number of telescopes the program usually has pointed at the Moon - from four to eight - and crossed his fingers. According to an article published by NewScientist , a meteorite struck the moon's surface during the total lunar eclipse that happened Sunday night and early Monday ...

by | January 22, 2019 | 20:29

A picture taken on January 21, 2019 in Duisburg shows a view of the Super Blood Moon above an industrial plant during a lunar eclipse. When the full moon moved into Earth's shadow, it darkened, but did not disappear. . A full moon occurs every 29.5 days when Earth is directly aligned between the sun and the moon. The moon appeared bigger than normal, with a red cast as sunlight was refracted through the Earth's atmosphere.

by | January 21, 2019 | 15:25

Now, data from the mission's grand finale is giving scientists insight into the extensive system, and it's potential age. After accounting for the unexpected effect of strong winds deep in Saturn's atmosphere, scientists were able to calculate the mass of the rings and infer their age.

by | January 20, 2019 | 18:41

The Epsilon-4 is the next-generation solid fuel rocket, which uses the cutting-edge technologies in order to improve the operation performance and to reduce costs. Ale Boss Lena Okajima was thrilled by the successful launch into space: "Now the real work starts", she told the Japanese news Agency Jiji Press.

by | January 20, 2019 | 17:24

Total lunar eclipses are very rare. During a lunar eclipse , the moon passes through the Earth's shadow (known as the "umbra"); the shadow then blocks the Sun's light from illuminating the moon as it normally does. 'The moon will be red between about 4.40am and about 6.45am, so it's actually more than an hour that you have to observe this blood moon phenomenon where the moon is totally eclipsed , ' Mr Kerss said.

by | January 20, 2019 | 12:02

The global coffee trade now relies on only two species - Arabica (60 per cent) and Robusta (40 per cent) - but given the myriad of emerging and worsening threats to coffee farming globally, other coffee species are likely to be required for coffee crop plant development.

by | January 20, 2019 | 11:24

Given the financing challenges facing new nuclear projects, I made clear to the House in June that we would be considering a new approach to supporting Wylfa that included the potential for significant direct investment from the government.

by | January 19, 2019 | 08:33

The Chang'e-5 mission will collect samples from the near side of the moon at the end of the year while another probe will be sent to Mars by 2020, the deputy head of China's space administration, Wu Yanhua, wrote in an official transcript online.

by | January 18, 2019 | 19:58

It's hard to predict the exact hue of lunar eclipses , but whatever shade results can offer insight about the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere. About once a month, a full moon is visible when it nears that far point and shines brightly as Earth covers up most of the sun.

by | January 18, 2019 | 13:29

The moon appears orange or red, the result of sunlight scattering off Earth's atmosphere. Finally, the "wolf moon " is just another name for the first full moon of the year. The process then goes in reverse as the moon begins its exit through the umbra and eventually the penumbra . You can also plan on around one to five super blood moons each decade, but they only fall in January three times this century (the third and final 21st-century super blood wolf moon barely qualifies, ...

by | January 17, 2019 | 15:27

Picture: Nick Ansell/PA Wire. The environment secretary will also announce the Government is looking to introduce new laws to ban the sale of polluting fuels, which are used for burning on stoves and open fires. At the BT Tower on Monday, Environment Secretary Michael Gove said his "heart goes out to her family", and that with a potential new inquest it would be inappropriate for him to pre-empt what that might say.

by | January 17, 2019 | 13:44

The Chang'e 4 is the first mission to land on and explore the Moon's far side, facing away from Earth. Images released by the CNSA now appear to show cotton seeds sprouting, in what the ruling Communist Party's official mouthpiece, The People's Daily, labelled a "first in human history".

by | January 17, 2019 | 07:40

A new study shows Antarctica is melting more than six times faster than it did in the 1980s. The PNAS study estimated that Antarctica lost 169 billion tonnes of ice from 1992-2017, above the 109 billion tonnes in the same period estimated past year by a large worldwide team of researchers.