by | November 29, 2017 | 01:22

And the best part of this listing is the images of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 and the complete specifications too. Meanwhile, Redmi 5 Plus is expected to sport a 5.9-inch FHD+ display with an aspect ratio of 18:9. Its bigger brother, the Redmi Note 5 might be introduced at the same time, but the information hasn't been confirmed yet. It's said to have a 12MP rear camera, but the sensor and pixel size remain a mystery for now.

by | November 29, 2017 | 01:17

The number of VR headsets out there may not be reaching the stratospheric estimates that were first predicted, but they're still growing, at least. Canalys said its VR headset shipment data is derived from its Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Analysis service, which provides quarterly market tracking.

by | November 29, 2017 | 00:53

The simplicity and flexibility mean that the artificial muscles can be created in sizes ranging from millimeters to meters, which would come in handy for one application that is already being eyed for the origami technology. This allows scientists to shrink artificial muscles to an appropriate size for use in mobile or body-mounted systems. According to Rus, a muscle that bends in a certain way can potentially help simplify the algorithms needed to run the machine.

by | November 29, 2017 | 00:24

There's a bug in the latest version of MacOS that lets anyone log in to change settings with the username "root" and no password . What makes this flaw so risky is people are reporting it also allows for full keychain access and any login where a user name and password is required, even via remote access via OS X screenshare.

by | November 29, 2017 | 00:23

Civilization V , for example, was nearly a completely different game after its two expansions launched, and in keeping with that tradition, Rise and Fall seems to change things drastically in Civ VI . The expansion will also add nine new leaders, and eight new civilisations with a wealth of new units, buildings, wonders, new districts and more for each.

by | November 28, 2017 | 13:07

If true, this would be the first time it's appeared on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There's some discrepancies when between states March 15, whereas ePrice says Rogue HD goes on sale for March 18-but fans have already started speculating whether a current-gen HD remake is on the way.

by | November 28, 2017 | 12:48

The Fregat upper stage separated from the third stage ten minutes after the launch and will continue putting the satellites to the designated orbits, TASS reported. But it failed to do so, according to Russian state news service Interfax, and the space agency has now lost contact with it. First flight is maiden mission of most recent version of rocket known as Angara 1.2 was planned for the end of 2017 (final launch date is still not confirmed).

by | November 28, 2017 | 10:54

Here, Apple showcases how Face ID works with Apple Pay and says that it's "amazing what your face can do". Before you start worrying about people unlocking your iPhone X, you should keep in mind that all this requires a lot of effort, access to various materials, physical access to the device, and in-depth photos of your face to accurately recreate it in mask form.

by | November 28, 2017 | 09:06

Apple has applied for a patent for a foldable iPhone, Patently Apple reports . The device may have a flexible display. The foldable iPhone's design looks like two iPhones switched together, but the patent notes that it will have a single sheet of a foldable display.

by | November 28, 2017 | 07:37

This larvae is then reintroduced onto the reef in underwater mesh tents. Professor Peter Harrison of Southern Cross University is the lead researcher on the project, the first of its kind on the reef to successfully re-establish a population of juvenile corals from larvae settling directly on the reef.

by | November 28, 2017 | 07:22

However, this will be a big update for the owners of Pixel 2 as it supports the phone's " Visual Core ", an imaging chip Google included but wasn't ready to activate at the launch of the phone. The Visual Core is enabled in the final 8.1 preview, allowing camera apps that use the correct API to capture shots using Google's HDR+ and to do so using the dedicating imaging chip, which should speed things up.

by | November 28, 2017 | 06:33

The YouTuber's original video's been taken down - and they say they won't re-upload it - but all the footage can still be watched over at Multiplayer First . The victor is whoever gets a kill with every weapon on the list. You can also see a handful of new weapons, including the Sten, Volkssturmgewehr and Gewehr 43.

by | November 28, 2017 | 03:34

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced that its board has initiated a share repurchase plan on Wednesday, October 18th that authorizes the company to buyback $5.00 billion in outstanding shares. The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.43, a quick ratio of 1.15 and a current ratio of 1.13. During the same quarter in the previous year, the business earned $0.61 earnings per share.

by | November 28, 2017 | 03:25

Uber also faces scrutiny from several states; nearly every state in the U.S. has some form of data breach notification law. And, according to the company, there have been no reports that the stolen data has been misused. So far, three putative class action lawsuits have been filed in California and OR alleging that Uber failed to protect consumer data. The disclosure of the 2016 data breach at a time when Uber is trying to bring in SoftBank as an investor has spurred speculation about ...

by | November 28, 2017 | 03:13

It has underperformed by 19.60% the S&P500. Also, it has an estimated price-earnings (P/E) multiple of 13.49 and a trailing 12-month price-earnings (P/E) multiple of 18.77. As per Friday, June 16, the company rating was maintained by BMO Capital Markets. Wedbush maintained it with "Outperform" rating and $31 target in Tuesday, December 13 report.

by | November 28, 2017 | 02:04

The launch would have taken place in public property, which disturbed the Bureau and gave them a ideal reason to shut the entire operation down from top to bottom. "If you're not scared to death, you're an idiot". "Mad" Mike Hughes is not a man who is easily satisfied. He also wanted to eventually build a rocket that would carry him high enough for him to photograph the Earth and see for himself its shape.

by | November 28, 2017 | 01:47

There's been a lot of talk over the past few days about the Justice League , specifically among Snyder fans that believe there is a Snyder-cut of Justice League with a lot of DC fans are asking Warner Bros for. 1000% bullshit. As I've said, of course there is an assembly cut Zack had going before he left, but that was 9 months ago. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have been a critical dud in early 2016, but it still opened to $166 million and went on to net $873.3 million ...

by | November 28, 2017 | 01:24

FC Advisory LLC now owns 2,576 shares of the iPhone maker's stock worth $371,000 after acquiring an additional 10 shares during the period. It was originally believed that Apple was struggling to meet demand early on due to the hard of producing some of the trickier components - like the new OLED screen , or the Face ID authentication system.

by | November 28, 2017 | 00:54

Facebook is about to roll out an automated suicide prevention system across the world following a successful test in America. "There have been terribly tragic events - like suicides, some live-streamed - that perhaps could have been prevented if someone had realized what was happening and reported them sooner", Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said early this year in a post at the social network focused on building global community.

by | November 27, 2017 | 23:22

Well then you're not alone, as Destiny 2 players caught a whiff of something in the XP air, and it didn't exactly smell kosher. Bungie issued a statement to say it was unhappy with the hidden system it had coded, and it would, for now, switch if off.