by | February 09, 2018 | 21:59

If you need a hand taking down monsters, you can check out how to get the most out of the crafting system and our list of essential items for a successful hunt . You can also now only hold 30 Slashberries in your Item Puch rather than 60. Players can still use any remaining extra Slashberries if they now have more than 30 in their item pouch.

by | February 09, 2018 | 18:43

According to the new study , the 3D vision in the praying mantis is unique. When studying their vision, researchers discovered a new type of 3D vision in praying mantis. As you might remember from the old red-and-blue 3D anaglyph images in magazines, humans can stereoscopically see still images just fine. We do this by matching up the details of the picture seen in each eye.

by | February 09, 2018 | 17:43

This studio houses some former LucasArts Singapore staff who previously worked on, among other things, the ambitious cancelled Star Wars 1313 . When Metroid Prime 4 was announced past year during Nintendo's broadcast at E3 2017 we only got a brief look at the game's logo.

by | February 09, 2018 | 17:08

Mr. Jaitley said numerous promises made at the time of bifurcation of the State were being fulfilled, but his assurance failed to placate members of the TDP and the YSRCP who protested by displaying placards and shouting slogans in the Well of the House.

by | February 09, 2018 | 16:49

I am from Tonga", Taufatofua said ahead of the ceremony. "It's going to be freezing, so I will be keeping nice and warm", Taufatofua said last week. So he learned how to ski and made winners of Olympic Opening Ceremonies viewers. This was despite the fact he hadn't actually seen snow until a few months before his announcement. He opted for the gruelling discipline of cross-country skiing because it was the "hardest" thing he could think of doing.

by | February 09, 2018 | 16:42

Police said the crash happened near Sunyani, 400 km north of the capital Accra, where the jeep carrying the late musician collided head-on with a VIP branded bus. The song was nominated for the unsung category award at the 2016 Ghana Music Awards. She had been due to headline a show in Belgium dubbed Ghana Meets Naija on Saturday (10 February) and would have celebrated her birthday on 16 February.

by | February 09, 2018 | 16:35

The NBA announced that Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker will replace Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis on Team LeBron in the 2018 NBA All-Star Game . Simmons' snubbing is even more egregious when his All-Star vote is factored in. Porzingis and Walker both play for Eastern Conference teams. Team LeBron lost a bit of its size advantage when Porzingis went down and Simmons would have replaced the size Team LeBron lost.

by | February 09, 2018 | 14:54

The second of two asteroids to pass by Earth this week will arrive Friday and come within 39,000 miles of us, according to NASA astronomers . It is one of pair of asteroids which will pass by our planet this week. 2018 CB also comes on the heels of another recently discovered asteroid , 2018 CC, which came within 114,000 miles (184,000 kilometers) of us on Tuesday.

by | February 09, 2018 | 12:36

The next addition begins tomorrow and will bring a swarm of Dragon- and Flying-Type Pokemon into the game... This will also entice those that have stopped playing the game to get off their couch and start hunting once again. Rayquaza is set to appear in Raid Battles starting on February 9th, and will be sticking around until March 16th (meaning it has a bit of overlap with Kyogre, who's departing on February 14th ).

by | February 09, 2018 | 11:52

The newly announced modems are compliant 5G mobile devices which the companies will launch in 2019. Qualcomm Technologies Inc, which is a subsidiary of the parent firm Qualcomm Incorporated has revealed a few days ago that the Snapdragon X50 5G NR series has been selected by a few global smartphone giants to use them for producing the latest 5G enabled handsets that would be launched in 2019.

by | February 09, 2018 | 10:18

This means Samsung Galaxy S8 , Galaxy S8 + users in India should receive the stable build of Android Oreo soon. After releasing the renders of the device , the prolific leaker Evan Blass continues his Samsung Galaxy S9 coverage by publishing the images of the new Samsung DeX docking station.

by | February 09, 2018 | 08:32

The successful launch will open up a new range of opportunities for SpaceX including putting larger satellites in bigger quantities into space , as well as progressing plans to eventually send humans to Mars . If successful, the Falcon Heavy could forever change the space industry as it is now known. "I don't know if this is a conspiracy or not, but in fact it's a very good trick", Roscosmos spokesman Igor Burenkov said about the launch in an interview with the Ekho Moskvy radio ...

by | February 09, 2018 | 07:58

On Thursday, a mysterious option called "downvote" began to appear over the platform. According to Facebook, the downvote testing is only temporary and won't have any impact on a post's ranking. That same year, Facebook launched emoji "reactions," which it positioned as a friendlier alternative to the "dislike" button. "We are not testing a dislike button", Facebook said in a statement .

by | February 09, 2018 | 07:23

Tesla , which lost $121 million in the same quarter a year ago, said revenue was up 36 per cent over the same period in 2016 because of the deliveries it made of the luxury electric Model S sedan and Model X crossover. Oppenheimer, one of Tesla's more optimistic research shops, says the company continues to "wade through the weeds" while production delays remain.

by | February 09, 2018 | 05:27

The company's stock is now moving with a +ve distance from the 200 day SMA of approximately 2.38%, and has a solid year to date (YTD) performance of 10.81% which means that the stock is constantly adding to its value from the previous fiscal year end price.

by | February 09, 2018 | 04:06

Each turtle has its own skin that's shared under one character, but they also each have their own moves and abilities. The Ninja Turtles will be available for those who purchased Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition or the game's Fight Pack 3 expansion on February 13.

by | February 09, 2018 | 04:03

Investors and analysts feared Tesla's Model 3 would cannibalize sales of the Model S and Model X. Some analysts had expected Tesla's cash burn to slow down, but warned that it remains a risk. A CNBC report on January 25 included accounts from Tesla employees who claimed the company was making parts of the Model 3 batteries by hand with inexperienced workers in its Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada.

by | February 09, 2018 | 03:14

Swiping right will take you to an overhauled Discover page that serves you Stories from publishers, creators, and community. After announcing its first upward-trending earnings report in months, sending its stock into an unexpected surge , Snapchat has now unveiled the latest update to its groundbreaking Lenses feature.

by | February 09, 2018 | 01:47

The Falcon Heavy was meant to restore the possibility of sending humans to the Moon or Mars , but it is now being considered mainly as a potential equipment carrier to deep space destinations, Mr Musk said . SpaceX says the Heavy can bring 141,000 pounds into orbit. The Falcon Heavy is price-listed at $90 million, a bargain in the business of rockets.

by | February 09, 2018 | 01:17

On this event, you can find out what's being released in the next Windows 10 Update . Now, users have the option to delete any of the data that tool collected. "Throughout this process, we'll continue to vet our quality measures for PWAs, to make sure we're providing a valuable, trustworthy, and delightful experience to our mutual customers on Windows devices", the Microsoft team, comprises engineers Kyle Pflug, Kirupa Chinnathambi, Aaron Gustafson, and Iqbal Shahid, said in the blog post .