by | April 14, 2018 | 14:20

In a reference to the USA, he said that it "it would only benefit those who are protected by the ocean and expect to sit there and engage in continuous efforts to stir up the region in order to advance their geopolitical goals". "The immediate priority is to avert the danger of war", Moscow's United Nations ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said on Thursday. Trump also spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron and U.K.

by | April 14, 2018 | 14:09

Theresa May and Donald Trump have agreed that the use of chemical weapons must not go unchallenged after the Prime Minister won the backing of her Cabinet for action to prevent their further use in Syria . Mattis said the initial strike was completed. He added that it would have an "utterly destructive impact on the Syrian settlement". The air campaign could frustrate those in Trump's base who oppose military intervention and are wary of open-ended conflicts.

by | April 14, 2018 | 14:12

Friday's hearing was scheduled after Cohen's lawyers applied the prior evening for the first chance to decide which documents were relevant to Mueller's investigation. Cohen is known to tape conversations with associates and store them, The Washington Post reported Thursday. The claims came after Cohen's own attorney challenged the seizure of the documents, which include records relating to Cohen's payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels .

by | April 14, 2018 | 13:56

There was no immediate word on any casualties or damage. The airstrikes are the second time Mr. Trump has retaliated against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad for using chemical weapons against civilians. Macron appeared to take a step Thursday toward joining the United States in a forthcoming attack, claiming that France has "proof" of a chemical attack and insisting anyone who commits such abuses be held to account.

by | April 14, 2018 | 13:52

Worldwide chemical weapons experts were travelling to Syria to investigate an alleged gas attack by government forces on the town of Douma which killed dozens of people . A USA official told Reuters the strikes were aimed at multiple targets and involved Tomahawk cruise missiles. "The immediate priority is to avert the danger of war ", he told reporters.

by | April 14, 2018 | 13:38

Cameroon team manager Victor Agbor Nso on Wednesday confirmed weightlifter Olivier Matam and boxers Ndzie Tchoyi and Simplice Fotsala had been due to compete this week but could not be found. The 2018 Games are now underway in the Gold Coast in the Australian State of Queensland. African athletes committing vanishing acts at the Australian Commonwealth Games have increased to 13, with five more from Uganda and Rwanda also disappearing.

by | April 14, 2018 | 13:34

With neither explicit approval from Congress nor a firm stated view of future U.S. involvement in Syria, Trump announced to the world that he was "prepared to sustain" a coordinated campaign of strikes on Syrian targets "until the Syrian regime stops its use of prohibited chemical agents".

by | April 14, 2018 | 13:19

Reporters pressed Priest on what the strike accomplished, as the bulk of concessions were signed into law before the strike began. "Mrs. Owen clearly understands the gravity of what the allegations are and everything that's involved with this case", Olivo told the publication after the Christian teacher's bail hearing.

by | April 14, 2018 | 12:50

You didn't know how many apps you need to audit. Was your Facebook data shared with Cambridge Analytica? "I think a lot of Americans are waking up to the fact that Facebook is becoming sort of a self-regulated superstructure for political discourse", said Rep.

by | April 14, 2018 | 12:36

Moscow's ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, warned on Wednesday that any United States missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launch sites targeted. Our allies know who did this. " Russian Federation can complain all it wants about fake news, but no one is buying its lies and its cover-ups". Vassily Nebenzia told an emergency meeting of the U.N.

by | April 14, 2018 | 12:30

The Secretary-General's call comes after UN Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, told the Security Council late Monday that at least 49 people had been killed, and hundreds were injured in an alleged chemical attack in Douma on Saturday evening.

by | April 14, 2018 | 12:16

Captain Carpenter in an email on Friday said the authorities were still looking at the crash as "a deliberate act", adding that the presence of alcohol would be a consideration in the investigation's final findings. two days earlier. Police have said a search of the family's home in Woodland, Washington, turned up no suicide note. Authorities received reports of child welfare concerns in three different states involving the Hart family prior to the family's fatal crash, records and ...

by | April 14, 2018 | 11:32

As per the prediction, the Congress , which won 122 seats in the 224-strong Assembly in 2013, is likely to bag 90 to 101 seats when the mid-way mark is 113. Going by the India Today-Karvy Insights opinion poll, H D Deve Gowda's JD (S) will be the kingmaker in Karnataka. That pre-poll survey predicted the ruling Congress will manage 102 seats -11 short of the magic number.

by | April 14, 2018 | 11:22

He had been shot multiple times, Rose said, and police were not initially able to determine how long he had been dead. Investigators believe that Lois Riess is now driving the vehicle that belonged to Pamela Hutchinson, a white Acura TL, last seen with Florida license plate Y37 TAA.

by | April 14, 2018 | 11:13

My office was a seat on the bus. The Dinos men’s and women’s hockey teams pictured at the University of Calgary campus on Jersey Day . This tragedy even goes beyond hockey lovers. "Being Canadian and hockey being so entrenched in our culture and it's such a awful tragedy to have so many young lives go in such a bad way - my brothers play sports and I play sports and you can't imagine something like that happening to your family".

by | April 14, 2018 | 10:45

Russian Federation on Friday accused the West of having the sole aim in Syria of overthrowing the government as it urged US, French and British leaders to refrain from military action. Trump called out Putin along with the leadership in Iran for backing Assad, who he referred to as "Animal Assad". Russian Federation warned that any Western airstrikes against Syria would ignite a war.

by | April 14, 2018 | 10:40

But he tweeted Thursday that it may come " very soon or not so soon at all! ". He then veered off topic, posting: "In any event, the United States , under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS ". Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger on Thursday said he's not opposed to a military response to the apparent chemical attack carried out by the Syrian government , but said the USA must exercise caution.

by | April 14, 2018 | 10:34

Protesters led by soccer legend Diego Maradona burned an effigy of President George W. Bush to protest the US -led invasion of Iraq at the 2005 summit in Argentina. HusseinObama at the last Summit of the Americas 3 years ago. The American president cancelled what would've been his first presidential visit to Latin America as he weighs a possible USA military strike in Syria in retaliation for an apparent chemical attack on civilians.

by | April 14, 2018 | 06:02

The payment was a personal injury settlement, and included a nondisclosure contract, forbidding the woman from discussing the deal, according to the source, who did not want to be named for fear of retribution. Legal experts said that payments to silence Trump's accusers may be considered improperly unreported campaign donations. Elliott Broidy called RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Friday afternoon to say that he was resigning immediately.

by | April 14, 2018 | 05:53

The FBI raided the office of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen and seized documents related to porn star Stormy Daniels along with other bank records, the media reported . Cohen's lawyer argued Friday during a hastily scheduled court hearing in NY that documents and devices seized from Cohen should be protected by attorney-client privilege.