by | August 03, 2018 | 05:08

Judge Russo says he was forced to take extreme measures to keep a clear record and maintain courtroom decorum. FOX 8 reports he kept speaking even after the tape was put on, and so a second piece was applied. "We can not regard this as normal". "My intent was never to silence Mr. Williams, I gave him an opportunity to speak at the appropriate time". The 32-year-old complained about authorities removing his possessions from his cell, and only meeting his attorney "the other day" - ...

by | August 03, 2018 | 04:57

Mueller is investigating whether Trump campaign officials worked with Moscow to try to sway the 2016 US presidential election. Asked about what specific conflict the president was referring to in a Monday interview with CNN , Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani described it as a "dispute" but left it to the president to further characterize his complaint.

by | August 03, 2018 | 04:01

Stewart also said that America's adversaries, including Russian Federation and China, will never be able to defeat America directly. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with inner city pastors in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington , Wednesday, Aug.

by | August 03, 2018 | 03:16

They will remain, for now, "the enemy of the people ". She went on to say the media have attacked her personally "on a number of occasions" before specifically calling out rhetoric she said aired on CNN . "You brought a comedian up to attack my appearance and called me a traitor to my own gender", she said. Horrified by Sanders' refusal, Acosta walked out.

by | August 03, 2018 | 03:16

Once police had been told that Pappas said he meant to kill himself, Houston officers were sent to check on him at his home on Tuesday night. Pappas remains at large and is believed to be suicidal, risky and armed with multiple weapons.

by | August 03, 2018 | 02:45

One of the most disturbing aspects of the video , which has gone viral in France, is that people sitting in the café do very little except for stand up and look shocked. "He was able to send me noises / comments / whistles / dirty tongue, humiliating and provocative in my passage", she wrote on Facebook . She obtained the video from a nearby surveillance camera and posted it on the Internet.

by | August 03, 2018 | 02:19

If Kelly were to fulfill his commitment, he would extend his tenure as Trump's second chief of staff in a position that frequently churns through seasoned pols in a year or two. Trump and Kelly have privately argued at times and complained about one another to confidants. Interested in Trump Administration? Kelly came under fire earlier in the year for the White House's handling of security clearances after domestic violence allegations surfaced against former Staff Secretary Rob Porter.

by | August 03, 2018 | 01:45

Col. Gen. Sergei Rudskoy of the Russian General Staff told reporters at a press conference in Moscow that Russian military police accompanied the United Nations peacekeepers in the mission. The UN peacekeeping forces first deployed along the frontier in 1974 to separate Syrian and Israeli forces after Israel occupied the Golan Heights in the 1967 war.

by | August 03, 2018 | 01:34

Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, attempted to walk back the tweet early Wednesday afternoon, telling CNN's Dana Bash that Trump was "expressing his opinion on his favored medium for asserting his First Amendment right of free speech". For more than a year, Donald Trump has argued that the Russia-collusion investigation is a "witch hunt" with no basis in reality. Later Wednesday, Trump contrasted Manafort's treatment to that of the notorious gangster Alphonse Capone, who was convicted ...

by | August 03, 2018 | 01:28

Ivanka Trump on Thursday said she does not believe the press is the "enemy of the people", going against public statements made by her father regarding the media. Ivanka Trump said she felt "very strongly" about the splitting up of families, which prompted widespread condemnation after more than 2,500 children were split from their parents and placed in detention on the southern U.S.

by | August 03, 2018 | 01:20

Herrera and other survivors said the plane burst into flames right after it hit the ground. Another passenger, Jacqueline Flores, told Agency France Press that she was forced to jump through a hole in the plane with her daughter. A local government official told ADN40, part of Mexico's TV Azteca, that the plane had been flying at a low altitude just a few minutes after it took off.

by | August 02, 2018 | 09:47

The military said the Abu Sayyaf militants may have been behind the attack. Basilan province is known as one of the strongholds of the militant group, who since 1991 has carried out bombings, kidnappings, assassinations and extortion in a self-determined fight for an independent Islamic province in the Philippines.

by | August 02, 2018 | 09:15

The single-shot pistol was made nearly entirely out of ABS plastic - the same material Lego bricks are made from - and could be made on a 3D printer . "These ghost guns are untraceable, virtually undetectable and, without today's victory, available to any felon, domestic abuser or terrorist". But more than 1,000 designs were downloaded recently, in advance of the agreed upon August 1 date.

by | August 02, 2018 | 08:09

He said the reform was "of critical importance" to the economy. Last year, South Africa's then-president Jacob Zuma publically endorsed the idea of seizing land, previously floated by the leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party . This, the party explained, was because many believed Section 25 in its current form allowed expropriation of land without compensation. Maimane said it beggared belief that while there were still half a million submissions to be processed by the ...

by | August 02, 2018 | 07:30

Trump's tweets comes after the president denied Tuesday there was any "collusion" between his presidential campaign and Russian Federation, and declared that " collusion is not a crime " anyway. The Republican president has long complained about the criminal probe into his White House victory but Wednesday's comment appeared to be his most direct call for shutting down the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller .

by | August 02, 2018 | 07:13

At least one person was killed in Zimbabwe's capital Harare on Wednesday as soldiers stepped in to disperse stone-throwing opposition supporters who accused the ruling party of trying to rig Monday's presidential election, witnesses said .

by | August 02, 2018 | 06:42

Sulzberger later issued a statement that he was concerned that the president had labelled the media an " enemy of the people " and that he warned that this "inflammatory language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalists and will lead to violence".

by | August 02, 2018 | 04:51

He also cited the case of Jack Phillips , the Christian baker in Colorado whom the U.S. Supreme Court backed in June in his decision to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple because of his religious beliefs. "This election, and much that has flowed from it, gives us a rare opportunity to arrest these trends", he said. Sessions has a long history of defending the use of "religious exemptions" to discriminate against LGBTQ people and opposing non-discrimination protections for ...

by | August 02, 2018 | 04:45

The West Bengal chief minister had Tuesday said that the final NRC draft would result in a civil war . Yesterday, Mamata Banerjee met Home Minister Rajnath Singh over the release of the first National Register of Citizens (NRC) list in Assam and asked the latter for assurance that the Union Government will not harass people.

by | August 02, 2018 | 04:31

The DPAA Laboratory at Hickam Air Force Base , Hawaii , is the first US stop for the recently returned remains. At Hickam, Vice President Mike Pence and Adm. It will possibly take months, if not years, to identify the remains handed over in 55 boxes. It said that imagery collected by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in recent weeks also pointed to "ongoing work on at least one Hwasong-15" at the Sanumdong site.