by | October 24, 2018 | 13:38

The Saudi king also ordered the establishment of a ministerial body under the chairmanship of the crown prince - his son - to restructure the kingdom's intelligence agency and "define its powers precisely", Saudi state media said. Riyadh said 18 people had been already arrested over their involvement in the incident. "The Saudi's latest version of events still isn't credible, and the Trump administration must not be complicit in allowing them to sweep this under the rug".

by | October 24, 2018 | 13:37

The European Commission on Tuesday will discuss the Italian budget at a meeting of commissioners.... the first formal step of a procedure that could end in the rejection of Italy's budget plan and imposition of fines on the country. The government had until midday today to reply to Brussels' concerns about the cost of its draft budget aimed at stimulating growth. Italy's plans have widely been criticized by many EU leaders and the EU Commission chief as being out of line with the bloc's ...

by | October 24, 2018 | 13:33

It acknowledges President Trump dispatched Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to meet with government leaders of both Saudi Arabia and Turkey to learn more and that Pompeo's findings would not be conveyed to the president until Thursday.

by | October 24, 2018 | 13:27

It might be nearly done. Prominent Brexiteer Steve Baker, a former junior Brexit minister, will try to block the EU's backstop plan on Wednesday by attaching amendments to legislation passing through parliament. It is understood that the Brexit withdrawal deal could attempt to offer new legal commitments on keeping the United Kingdom in the customs union to provide political cover for Theresa May.

by | October 24, 2018 | 10:38

Police say that McCluskey and Rowland had "a previous relationship", but would not elaborate. She says her daughter complained to police that she was being harassed. Rowland was charged with two separate crimes in September 2003, said then-prosecutor Paul Amann. University of Utah student Jonas Woychick said he was playing pool when he got a message about an on-campus shooter.

by | October 24, 2018 | 09:32

The Titanic II will be equipped with 18 fully enclosed lifeboats with a motor. Dubbed the Titanic II, the ship is set to embark on an identical journey to the one that the original went on in 2022. The successor to the tragic first ship, which set sail in 1912, will retrace the original route and carry almost the exact same number of passengers and crew members as the original ship had which is 2,400 and 900 respectively.

by | October 24, 2018 | 07:25

In an address to Federal Parliament, Mr Morrison said there was no promise that could be made and nothing that could be done to right the wrongs of the past. Attorney General Mark Speakman said today's apology recognises the widespread impact of child sexual abuse revealed by the Royal Commission. Morrison announced that the Government would also set up a museum, to collect the stories of survivors, and fund a research centre to raise awareness about child abuse.

by | October 24, 2018 | 06:22

The pilot, the only occupant of the plane, escaped before the plane burst into flames. He didn't know what caused the crash. The pilot, who was not immediately identified, was safely removed before flames consumed most of the plane. It took off from Van Nuys Airport, a spokesperson confirmed. A vintage World War II fighter plane - for the Nazis, not the good guys - crash landed on one of L.A.'s busiest freeways.

by | October 24, 2018 | 06:20

The daughter of a disabled elderly woman who was seen being racially abused by a man on a Ryanair flight on Saturday has spoken out. 77-year-old widow Deslie Gayle told ITV News of her upset over the incident. Ryanair tweeted on Sunday morning: "We are aware of this video and have reported this matter to Essex Police". Police Essex County, said such incidents are treated very seriously and confirmed that it was investigating the incident with the airline and the government of Spain.

by | October 24, 2018 | 03:39

Eighteen Saudi nationals were detained and five top intelligence officials were fired for their suspected roles in the operation. Saudi Arabia said on Friday that Mr Khashoggi was killed at its Istanbul consulate after a fight broke out.

by | October 24, 2018 | 03:32

The mandarins of Brussels on Tuesday issued an unprecedented demand that Italy rewrite its bad budget in line with Brussels' bad fiscal principles. This means Italy has three weeks to revise its budget under European Union rules. The Italian government's decision is part of its aim to deliver on campaign promises made by the coalition partners, the populist 5 Star Movement and League parties.

by | October 24, 2018 | 02:35

On Capitol Hill, politicians including Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham expressed scepticism about the Saudi account, which was vastly different from that given by Turkish officials, who said an "assassination squad" sent by the kingdom had killed and dismembered Mr Khashoggi.

by | October 24, 2018 | 01:42

As per latest reports, Father Kuriakose Kattuthara's family has filed a complaint with the Alappuzha police seeking an inquiry into his death. "Blood pressure tablets were found at the spot", said AR Sharma, DSP Dasuya. Earlier last week, the Kerala High Court granted conditional bail to Bishop Franco Mulakkal , stating that Franco should not enter Kerala and that he should surrender his passport before the court.

by | October 24, 2018 | 01:05

His disappearance has sparked global concerns , particularly after Turkish sources said over the weekend that authorities believed he had been killed inside the consulate. "The consulate officials can not save themselves by simply saying "he has left". "I have raised Jamal's disappearance personally with the Saudi ambassador, and while we await more information, know we will respond accordingly to any state that targets journalists overseas", he wrote.

by | October 24, 2018 | 00:34

His speech carried the strong implication the crown prince isn't innocent. 'So whilst we will be thoughtful and considered in our response, I have also been clear that if the appalling stories we are reading turn out to be true, they are fundamentally incompatible with our values and we will act accordingly'.

by | October 23, 2018 | 23:13

In a tight race to be Georgia's next governor , an apparent Republican attempt to shame Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams for participating in the burning of Georgia's racist flag back in college has backfired. Abrams' opposition to Confederate symbols will likely become a debate topic on Tuesday night. She called the carving, which shows President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E.

by | October 23, 2018 | 22:33

It was among more than 60 shipwrecks found by the worldwide team of maritime archaeologists, scientists and marine surveyors, which has been on a three-year mission to explore the depths of the Black Sea to gain a greater understanding of the impact of prehistoric sea-level changes.

by | October 23, 2018 | 21:44

Instead it served merely to put a named source to information already circulated by anonymous officials and the Turkish press in the days since the columnist for The Washington Post walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul . In that address, the president said the remains hadn't been found, and asked: "Why has the body of someone who was officially said to be killed not been found yet?" Later, a Saudi official attributed the death to a chokehold.

by | October 23, 2018 | 21:06

He said multiple teams flew to Istanbul to meet Khashoggi at the diplomatic outpost and removed the hard drive from the site's surveillance system. Cavusoglu said: "If a request for an worldwide investigation is made. The video was taken by Turkish law enforcement and shown Monday on CNN . Khashoggi's mysterious death at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul has been the source of much speculation, with some in the U.S.

by | October 23, 2018 | 21:07

The crown prince agreed to the prime minister's suggestion to reduce visa fee for Pakistani workers, which is a significant step towards enhancing Pakistan's workforce in Saudi Arabia as well as facilitating travel of people from both the countries, stated the Foreign Office.