by | December 31, 2018 | 13:50

The United Nations welcomed on Sunday any redeployment of Yemen's Houthi forces away from the port city of Hodeidah, but said this should be independently verified to ensure it is in line with the Stockholm ceasefire agreement. Both parties are due to present detailed plans for a full redeployment to Cammaert at the next RCC meeting on January 1, the United Nations said in a statement.

by | December 31, 2018 | 13:47

More than 22,000 people were displaced by the bad weather , which also knocked out electricity in numerous affected areas, regional civil defence officials said. An average of 20 typhoons and storms lash the Philippines each year, killing hundreds of people. However, waves were forecast to be less than 30 cm (12 inches) above tide level, it said, while Philippine monitors warned that "minor sea level disturbances" were to be expected.

by | December 31, 2018 | 08:56

But their aim is to arrive in Chiapas and request work there", Irma Garrido of migrant advocate group Reactiva Tijuana Foundation said according to a story by Mexico News Daily Monday. The new Mexican president, Andres Manuel López Obrador, has promised to grant work visas to Central American migrants fleeing Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador - known as the Northern Triangle - because of poverty and violence.

by | December 31, 2018 | 08:33

MPs are due to vote on the Withdrawal Agreement in the week of January 14 after Mrs May, facing the prospect of a significant defeat, pulled the original date of December 11. With three months left until the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union on March 29, May's Brexit deal is floundering, opening up a range of possibilities from a Brexit without a trade deal to calling Brexit off.

by | December 31, 2018 | 04:41

Border Patrol needs the wall and it will all end. THE FACTS: This account is not supported by timelines released by Customs and Border Protection or other accounts. "The system is clearly overwhelmed", Nielsen said in a statement . The two tweets were his first comments on the death of Felipe and the death December 8 of 7-year-old Jakelin Caal .

by | December 31, 2018 | 04:02

Sporadic clashes broke out Saturday during Yellow Vest protests in Paris and elsewhere in France , but the momentum for the movement appears to be waning. In Paris , where protests turned violent in early December, police said by early evening that they had detained some 57 people after 800 demonstrators took to the streets, down from at least 109 arrests last week with a similar number of protesters.

by | December 31, 2018 | 03:27

A lion was shot dead today after it escaped from its enclosure at a United States nature reserve and killed a worker. She was also a college intern, the sheriff's office added. The Caswell County Sheriff's Office said attempts at tranquilizing the lion were unsuccessful , and deputies used deadly force to retrieve Black's body, ABC News reported .

by | December 30, 2018 | 17:59

Residents took to the streets in the area and staged forceful demonstrations against the killing of the youth. The Chairman of Hurriyat forum, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, addressing a gathering at Jamia Masjid in Srinagar, today, strongly denounced the frequent cordon and search operations by Indian troops in south Kashmir, terming the act as a collective punishment.

by | December 30, 2018 | 17:09

Settlement activity is in violation of worldwide law, as reaffirmed by UN Security Council Resolution 2334. A defence ministry committee with responsibility for such projects on Tuesday and Wednesday approved the plans, which are in various stages of the approval process, the settlement watchdog said in a statement.

by | December 30, 2018 | 16:15

The exchanges suggest that months of market-rattling brinkmanship may be easing, and that the two leaders are following through on pledges made at their December 1 dinner meeting in Buenos Aires. Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish will lead the delegation, which also will include Treasury Under Secretary for International Affairs David Malpass, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

by | December 30, 2018 | 15:42

In addition, immigrant advocates have called any move to seal the border "disgraceful". FILE - Border wall prototypes stand in San Diego near the U.S. Numerous agency's 14,000 employees are being furloughed, EPA spokeswoman Molly Block said. It remains to be seen how much longer the partial shutdown of the USA federal government will continue.

by | December 30, 2018 | 14:38

Authorities say the man suspected of gunning down a California policeman has been arrested while preparing to flee to his native Mexico. The officer in Newman, a small Northern California town, was shot and killed after pulling over the suspect on suspicion of driving under the influence, authorities said.

by | December 30, 2018 | 11:08

Almost 70 people have been intercepted in the past three days as they try to reach England by crossing one of the world's busiest shipping lanes. The home secretary has declared the rising number of migrants trying to reach Britain by sea a "major incident".

by | December 30, 2018 | 11:00

At least 3 deaths were attributed to severe weather in the USA as heavy snow and high winds snarled air and ground transportation during a busy holiday travel period. The North Dakota Highway Patrol is urging drivers to be cautious around snowplows working to clear highways after multiple crashes this week, including at least one fatal wreck.

by | December 30, 2018 | 10:20

There was an emerging consensus Friday that there would be no deal before Democrats take control of the House on Wednesday, with Pelosi expected to become speaker, altering the balance of power in Washington for the first time in Trump's presidency.

by | December 30, 2018 | 10:17

A 7.0 magnitude quake struck off the southeastern coast of the Philippines around midday Saturday, local time, prompting fears of a tsunami. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology regional monitoring officer Allan Rommel Labayog said that the quake mainly affected the Davao provinces but could be felt in Sulu, some 315 miles away, the Philippine Star reported.

by | December 30, 2018 | 10:12

Bracamontes, who grew up in Sinaloa, Mexico, entered the country illegally, crossing into Arizona. He doesn't belong here. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said during a news conference Thursday that police are "relentlessly" pursuing every lead in hopes of capturing the alleged killer of Cpl.

by | December 30, 2018 | 09:12

Cohen denied on Twitter that he has ever been to Prague . What McClatchy reported: McClatchy reported that a cellphone tower ping from Cohen's phone indicated that he made or received a phone call while near Prague , and that Russian communications about Cohen's meeting have been intercepted by an Eastern European intelligence agency.

by | December 30, 2018 | 07:44

According to the USGS, the quake, which occurred at 12:03 p.m. local time at a depth of about 55.5 kilometers, was centered on land about 70 kilometers south of the provincial capital Manokwari. On Saturday evening, a partial crater collapse on Anak Krakatoa volcano is thought to have sent big waves smashing into the Sunda Strait nearly without a warning, engulfing fishing villages and popular resorts along the coasts of western Java and southern Sumatra.

by | December 30, 2018 | 04:47

Shaima Swileh, Abdullah's mother and a Yemeni national, was unable to be with her sick child and her husband because of the Muslim ban enforced by the Trump adminstration. The boy's funeral was planned for Saturday afternoon in Lodi, California. Following their son's death, Hassan said: "We are heartbroken". A civil rights attorney with the Council of American-Islamic Relations, Saad Sweilem, wrote in a statement that the boy's parents are "in our thoughts and prayers as they mourn the ...