by | February 01, 2019 | 19:14

The Times reported Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said he did "not believe Iran is now undertaking activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device" in his Tuesday testimony. However, differences between the two sides remain over key issues including the scale of denuclearization, USA sanctions and whether to issue a war-ending declaration.

by | February 01, 2019 | 19:12

Booker's entry into the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination race was widely expected. " Cory Booker is a political opportunist who left Newark ridden with crime and an 'emblem of poverty.' Even the liberal base thinks he's a disingenuous self-promoter, and his embrace of policies like higher taxes, single-payer health care, and government-guaranteed jobs make him totally out-of-touch with most Americans", RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens said .

by | February 01, 2019 | 17:05

Belgian foreign minister Didier Reynders says he hopes the United States will work closely with Russian Federation to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons after it pulls out of a key Cold War-era missile treaty. President Donald Trump and his senior officials had been signaling for months that they were ready to pull out of the INF treaty, which the U.S. and Europe accuses Moscow of violating since 2014.

by | February 01, 2019 | 16:40

When Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited the school, he said his office was alerted to the incident at 8.10am. According to an earlier News24 report , it was a walkway that collapsed and several people had been trapped under the rubble.

by | February 01, 2019 | 12:57

In a rebuke of President Donald Trump , the Republican-led US Senate advanced largely symbolic legislation on Thursday opposing plans for any abrupt withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan. The backlash from Republicans has been steady, with some of the president's closest allies warning him about the dangers of leaving before al-Qaida, ISIS and their affiliates are expunged.

by | February 01, 2019 | 12:42

The three countries - the European signatories to the landmark deal that curbed Tehran's nuclear ambitions in return for sanctions relief - are expected to launch the device, which has been in preparation for months . If the scheme works, it is likely to be most useful to small and medium-sized firms with no links in the US. The US Embassy in Germany said it did not expect INSTEX to blunt its effort to pile economic pressure on Tehran.

by | February 01, 2019 | 12:40

Piyush Goyal says the government will give farmers whose land holdings are less than 2 hectacre Rs 6000 per annum and 12 crore farmers will benefit from the scheme. "There was nothing interim about it", former finance minister P Chidambaram said. This deduction replaced the existing transport allowance of Rs 1600 per month and medical allowance of Rs 15,000 per annum a year ago.

by | February 01, 2019 | 05:11

A cold weather warning for snow and ice remains in place for the Isle of Wight today (Thursday). The head of roads policing across Devon and Cornwall Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk said snow is heading eastwards and will cause significant disruption tonight.

by | February 01, 2019 | 04:57

The top Democrat in Congress said if Republicans have suggestions about adding more ports of entry or technologies, those kinds of things would be negotiable. "A lot of the Republicans told me they wished he (Trump) would not do that", Leahy said. Intelligence-shall we go to that subject on the president? The president also has said he would consider declaring a national emergency in order to divert existing funds to build a wall , which would nearly certainly trigger a constitutional ...

by | January 31, 2019 | 23:40

The company's Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has said that such decisions should not be made by Facebook. Facebook will select inaugural members for three-year terms, but they will independently decide on future membership, Facebook proposed in a draft charter.

by | January 31, 2019 | 22:24

If you're a United States president, it's probably not a great idea to meet with a foreign leader who meddled in your country's elections without some way to record what's being discussed. Trump and Putin also reportedly discussed the potential for a formal meeting. Although Trump flatly denied any intention to hide the contents of their meeting and stated that he would eagerly reveal it, mainstream media and Trump critics insisted on the need to release the interpreter's notes and even ...

by | January 31, 2019 | 19:54

Park ranger Sharon Stiteler posted a video to Twitter that showed the center's gates opening with the word: "Weeeee!" This included the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, the Hanford Visitor Center in Richland, and the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos.

by | January 31, 2019 | 17:59

Mueller's office has said those emails, belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta , were hacked by Russian intelligence officers. If Trump did give the direction, he would have engaged in a conspiracy to violate federal hacking statutes, said Paul Rosenzweig, a lawyer who worked on the Whitewater investigation into former President Bill Clinton.

by | January 31, 2019 | 17:23

The summit is shaping up to be a pivotal moment in Francis' almost six-year papacy. The Argentine pontiff has repeatedly said there is no doctrinal prohibition on married men becoming priests, and therefore the discipline could be changed.

by | January 31, 2019 | 13:27

Mexico has said it will accept the return of certain people who have a date to appear in a USA court, but will reject those who have health problems, are unaccompanied minors or would be in danger in Mexican territory. But the plan has been sharply criticised by opponents on both sides of the border. Mexico has said it "disagrees" with the policy, but will grant the migrants temporary visas for humanitarian reasons.

by | January 31, 2019 | 12:21

Fox News Channel's perky morning show is typically a safe space for Trump and his surrogates, a home for flattering live interviews and relentless cheerleading on everything from building his proposed border wall to highlighting the supposed threat of a Central American migrant caravan.

by | January 31, 2019 | 10:11

Christie said he's also told Trump not to be fooled when his "C-level legal team" tells him that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation will be over quickly because as a former federal prosecutor, he has known Mueller for years and he knows the probe could take a long time.

by | January 31, 2019 | 07:40

They cited a Twitter account that surfaced in October 2016 purporting to have a stolen copy of evidence provided to the company. Mueller's court filing on Wednesday said the names and structure of folders containing the leaked files matched those used by Mueller's office when it shared the data, and that these had not been made public.

by | January 31, 2019 | 04:23

A auto overturned by a tornado lays smashed on top of a street pole in Havana , Cuba , Monday, Jan. 28, 2019. A blackout hit many Havana neighbourhoods around 9 p.m. Havana , Jan 28 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel visited during the early hours of Monday neighborhoods of Havana which were severely hit last night by a tornado during an unusual winter storm that killed 3, wounded 172 and caused huge damages.

by | January 30, 2019 | 23:26

Shows you how disconnected some folks here are. We're not upset by the idea of being primaried. Ocasio-Cortez, at 29 the youngest member of Congress, fired back at Schultz after he said he couldn't campaign as a Democrat because he would be unable to support a tax plan that she is pitching.