by | February 02, 2019 | 16:08

This is the 133rd year where Phil predicted the weather - the ceremony has taken place annually since 1886. The early-Spring prediction is so rare that it has only happened 19 times in the 133-year history of Groundhog Day. But if he sticks around and hangs out outside, that means spring is coming! While the exact calculations are disputed, IFC's Simon Gallagher estimates Bill Murray's character in the classic film "Groundhog Day" relived the day 12,403 days - that's 33 years and 358 ...

by | February 02, 2019 | 15:22

Thompson and Ryabkov, who met on the sidelines of a P5 meeting of nuclear powers, said afterward that the two countries had failed to bridge their differences. Ryabkov said Moscow would continue working toward an agreement but accused Washington of ignoring Russian complaints about USA missiles and of adopting what he called a destructive position.

by | February 02, 2019 | 14:57

Pembroke Pines Public Works Department crews found an orange extension cord peeking through the hole and immediately called the police. When officers arrived, they found a hole in the pavement leading to a tunnel that stretched from a nearby wooded area toward a Chase branch in the plaza.

by | February 02, 2019 | 13:17

Regional powers such as China have also pledged to help Afghanistan and Pakistan overcome their longstanding suspicions about each other. A number of Pakistani media outlets, including Geo News, reported that the Taliban pledged in talks with the US envoy that the Afghan soil will not be used by Baloch separatist or Pashtun nationalists, who are engaged in armed and peaceful struggle respectively, against the Pakistan army.

by | February 02, 2019 | 11:30

He then carefully walks towards the ice and uses a counter to support himself from actually falling as he fakes his fall onto the floor. Although the CCTV cuts out before he is rescued by coworker and eventually paramedics, court papers show he then filed a false insurance claim for the ambulance service and treatment he received.

by | February 02, 2019 | 09:58

Belz was then transported to the hospital where he later died. While officials believe his death was related to dangerously low temperatures at the time he was found, officials have not given a specific cause of death. The university canceled classes until Thursday due to the unsafe cold. "At the time , I thought that was the smart move", Belz said . According to Belz's father, his son had made a decision to remain on campus to wait out the cold.

by | February 02, 2019 | 08:57

The Canadian government continues to investigate the potential causes of the unusual health symptoms experienced by some Canadian diplomatic staff and their family members posted in Havana, Cuba . The spate of mysterious illnesses, including acute brain injury, has caused tensions in US-Cuba relations, including the expulsion of 15 Cuban diplomats by the Trump administration as investigators tried to pinpoint the cause.

by | February 02, 2019 | 08:34

Aswin said the city had been trying to wash roads and roadside plants to improve the situation and his deputies have coordinated with the owners to help spray water from the top of tall building. Measurements of harmful particulates are higher than some cities in China but well below the Indian capital New Delhi. Greenpeace Thailand country director Tara Buakamsri said the levels in Bangkok were the worst in "at least a year".

by | February 02, 2019 | 07:21

Channel 3 Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys says the noise people heard and felt is a natural occurrence called cryoseisms , or frost quakes . The mass eventually breaks, creating a loud booming sound, if the surrounding area can't support it.

by | February 02, 2019 | 06:23

The first step is to offer my sincerest apology and to state my absolute commitment to living up the expectations Virginians set for me when they elected me to their Governor . The revelation comes amid a wild week in which Northam was accused of advocating infanticide after he made comments defending a bill that would have lifted restrictions on late-term abortions.

by | February 02, 2019 | 05:56

Guaido said he was evaluating how to take control of state-run oil firm PDVSA's US unit Citgo, Venezuela's biggest foreign asset, as the Trump administration tries to use the company as leverage to topple Maduro. Several Opposition leaders have been jailed in recent years as Maduro cracked down on growing dissent in the Latin American country. "The Kremlin would deny that but the Kremlin does work through private mercenaries", Wigell said, adding that "the Maduro regime doesn't ...

by | February 02, 2019 | 05:42

The natural disaster, which struck at 10:14 a.m. local time on Friday, was centered about 13 kilometers (8 miles) northwest of Tapachula in the state of Chiapas, or 13 kilometers (8 miles) west of Cacahoatán. The quake was also felt in neighboring Guatemala and in El Salvador. In Guatemala, the Red Cross reported some mud and rockslides along roads, and a bridge in the city of Quetzaltenango had some minor damage.

by | February 02, 2019 | 05:28

Two top Republicans on Wednesday sent letters to FBI Director Christopher Wray demanding answers about the bureau's predawn raid of Trump confident Roger Stone . "In court papers, prosecutors wrote they had concerns that if Stone was tipped off to the indictment, it would increase the risk he would flee or destroy evidence".

by | February 02, 2019 | 04:22

In Detroit, a 70-year-old man was found dead on a residential street, a Detroit police spokeswoman said. In Chicago, where the mercury dipped as low as minus 22 Fahrenheit (minus 30 Celsius) this week, temperatures of 22F (minus 5.5C) by Friday afternoon felt balmy for some in the nation's third-largest city.

by | February 02, 2019 | 04:07

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday the largest seizure of fentanyl in the agency's history. A U.S. Border Patrol agent and drug sniffing German Shepherd prepare to search vehicles for drugs at a checkpoint near the U.S.

by | February 02, 2019 | 03:43

The new regulation allows British citizens to visit the continent without a visa for up to 90 days and was approved by the European Parliament. " Gibraltar is not a colony and it is completely inappropriate to describe in this way ", a spokeswoman for the UK Government said.

by | February 02, 2019 | 03:33

These recipes were credited in the book to "Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee". Warren, a US senator from MA, called Bill John Baker, the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, on Thursday to apologize for taking the DNA test past year, said Julie Hubbard, a Cherokee Nation spokeswoman.

by | February 02, 2019 | 00:52

Back in the Midwest, the bitter cold set all-time records in some states. Streets in Chicago were almost empty, with few people walking outside in the painfully cold air as temperatures hovered around -28C. Mail service won't be restored in MI until February 1, officials said. More than 40 cold-temperature records were broken on Thursday, the coldest morning since the polar vortex moved in late on Tuesday.

by | February 02, 2019 | 00:55

Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone is due back in court in the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation as prosecutors say that they've recovered "voluminous" material in the case. On Thursday, Stone dismissed the charges as mere "process crimes" that did not involve any intentional lies, and called Mueller's probe politically motivated.

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I told him to sit in his place, because according to current rules, he has the right to speak and give an explanation". "He declined the opportunity", she said . He has previously denied the accusations against him. Shebzukhov was beaten with a baseball bat and fatally shot in May 2010, and Zhukov was shot dead in March of the same year.