by | May 10, 2019 | 06:36

The man's name has not been released, but he was arrested on suspicion of unlawful transportation, and of giving, lending or selling an assault weapon, according to the LAPD. Beck has three daughters with J. Paul Getty's son Gordon Getty , the newspaper said. Beck bought the property in January 2001, but it remains unclear what, if any, connection she had to Wednesday's events.

by | May 10, 2019 | 05:43

Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, also said Wednesday that the deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force was meant to deter Iran "so that there would be no ambiguity about our preparedness to respond to any threat against our people or our partners in the region".

by | May 10, 2019 | 01:29

Meanwhile, it is not unusual that a White House doesn't like Congress, Warner said, but the Trump administration is "blowing off" House requests, and that marks a "disrespect for the rule of law" that he fears will become the new norm. Burr and the top Democrat on the committee, Virginia Sen. The panel's investigation, led by Burr, has been running for more than two years, and the committee has interviewed numerous same witnesses who spoke to special counsel Robert Mueller's team.

by | May 10, 2019 | 00:30

Payments for the maintenance of the Wise Honest were allegedly made in United States dollars through unsuspecting U.S. banks - giving the USA authorities the opportunity to mount an unusual civil forfeiture legal action. Officials said the launch was unrelated to current events. The U.S. tests a long-range missile in California 10 minutes after the North Korea exercise; Greg Palkot has the details.

by | May 09, 2019 | 22:55

The President then went off on several tangents related to Trump Jr.'s involvement in the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-linked lawyer. "My son was totally exonerated by Mueller, who frankly does not like Donald Trump - me, this Donald Trump ", he said.

by | May 09, 2019 | 21:45

He takes serious issue with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allowing Facebook to acquire Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014, thereby sealing the company's hegemony in the social media sphere. The Federal Trade Commission, which has some oversight, is expected to slap Facebook with a fine of as much as US$5 billion soon as part of a settlement over privacy violations stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal past year.

by | May 09, 2019 | 19:47

The 47-year-old Australian was sentenced last Wednesday to 50 weeks in prison in the United Kingdom for jumping bail in 2012 and holing up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London . She added: "This is misrule of law in operation - the world's most famous victim". It's unclear whether her tweet came before or after her scheduled visit to Assange at Belmarsh prison in London .

by | May 09, 2019 | 19:33

The footage filmed by physiotherapist Mulkara Rahimi at the International Committee of Red Cross orthopaedic Clinic in Kabul shows the young boy dancing as he was being fitted with his new leg, and actually his fourth as they have to be replaced with his growing height.

by | May 09, 2019 | 19:10

Neighbors looking on shouted "assassins" as the heavily armed agents pulled away. The opposition says Maduro has stacked the court with his own supporters and does not recognize its legitimacy, while the USA government this week threatened to sanction all its members.

by | May 09, 2019 | 16:59

According to statements released by North Korea, the weapons were launched and tested to counter join military drills conducted by the United States and South Korea in March and April. "If South Korea moves forward on that front, we're not going to intervene", she added. This comes after South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S.

by | May 09, 2019 | 16:13

A total of 46 million of Australia's $50 banknotes have been printed with this spelling error at a value of $2.3 billion. A keen-eyed listener to Triple M's Melbourne breakfast show pointed out the printed transcript of Edith Cowan's maiden speech to the Western Australia parliament says " responsibilty " rather than "responsibility".

by | May 09, 2019 | 12:51

Heavy rain Sunday through Wednesday morning has left many areas across North and South Central Kansas flooded and the flood waters will remain a concern through Thursday as more rain is in the forecast. Oklahoma and northern Texas are the focal point of a severe storm pattern today. While some thunder is possible with these storms as they drift east, they are not expected to turn severe.

by | May 09, 2019 | 12:43

However, as jitters over the war of words rose, Iran's rial currency extended its fall on Tuesday, hovering around a seven-month low against the U.S. On Sunday, Bolton said the ships and bombers were being sent to the Middle East in response to "troubling and escalatory indications and warnings" from Iran.

by | May 09, 2019 | 12:27

It is to be noted that Cyclone Fani has now also become an election issue with sources in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also willing to assess the damage cause in West Bengal due to Cyclone Fani but Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee refused to meet him.

by | May 09, 2019 | 11:56

Earlier on Tuesday, PM Modi challenged the Congress saying that if they had guts then contest the remaining two phases of the polls on the name of former PM Rajiv Gandhi . He also said he had been at the receiving end of "complete harassment" by the Modi government and various government agencies. Azhar and two other terrorists were set free by the Vajpayee government in exchange of hostages of the IC-814 Indian Airlines flight hijacked to Kandahar in December 1999.

by | May 09, 2019 | 10:48

Jeremiah Whitehead, a 44-year-old small business owner, voted no - saying he wants city officials to focus on lingering issues surrounding marijuana in the city, including a lack of businesses licensed for "social consumption" where people can legally use cannabis products and disputes over how marijuana tax money is used .

by | May 09, 2019 | 10:00

Lead U.S. negotiator Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer hinted at the reason behind the tariff increase, telling reporters on May 6 that China was "reneging on prior commitments" after 10 rounds of talks. Friday. "With the possibility of the trade deal in tatters, markets could turn upside down", he said in a note. China's exports unexpectedly shrank in April but imports surprised with their first increase in five months, painting a mixed picture of the economy as Washington ...

by | May 09, 2019 | 07:13

Trump reported $517.6 million in combined losses during those years, the Times said. Meanwhile, Democrats are on a quest to dig up Trump's more recent tax returns; not so much because they want to prove he was a business failure, but because they suspect he's receiving unconstitutional payments from foreign powers (another thing we already have credible evidence for ) or may have even been involved in money laundering .

by | May 09, 2019 | 06:31

McConnell has not yet commented on the matter, and his office has not replied to requests for comment from Breitbart News. In a statement , the Senate Intel Committee said: "We do not discuss the details of witness engagements with the Committee".

by | May 09, 2019 | 04:41

Mnuchin told Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., in a Monday letter that the panel's request "lacks a legitimate legislative purpose" as Supreme Court precedent requires. Other Democrats, such as Mr. Pascrell, have made clear that their motives are less about IRS operations than they are an effort to get a look at what the president is shielding.