by | July 17, 2019 | 08:31

Turing's work with the Enigma machine helped the Allies to crack Nazi codes in the Second World War, but just a few years later he was convicted of gross indecency for his relationship with a man. His also played a key role in the creation of computers, and his visionary work on artificial intelligence included the creation of "The Turing Test ", in 1950, which tests a machine's ability to exhibit intelligence indistinguishable from that of a human.

by | July 17, 2019 | 06:28

EDT (1330 GMT), saying he needed more time to absorb the case. We all know that what is being reported about Mr. Epstein will receive significant news coverage. In April, a victim named Maria Farmer came forward alleging she was sexually assaulted by Epstein at Wexner's home in OH in the Nineties and that Wexner's security staff prohibited her from leaving the residence.

by | July 17, 2019 | 04:17

Representatives of Yemen's warring parties are meeting to discuss the stalled truce agreement for the contested port city of Hodeida, a pro-government source said on Monday. It was the first meeting since February between the Shiite rebel group, known as the Houthis, and the forces loyal to the internationally recognized government.

by | July 17, 2019 | 04:12

Unsafe flooding from Tropical Depression Barry is threatening 11 million people across the South. Flood alerts are up across eight states and some areas could see up to another five inches of rain. Despite the calm, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell cautioned that the storm continued to pose a threat. Rivers overtopped their levees in several locations, including part of coastal Terrebonne Parish, where authorities had issued a mandatory evacuation notice.

by | July 17, 2019 | 03:29

In this February 17, 2010, photo, Sadie Roberts-Joseph, founder of the Odell S. Williams Now and Then Museum of African-American History, now known as the Baton Rouge African-American History Museum, poses for a portrait. Bell has allegedly admitted to being in the area when the auto was left there, and his DNA was found on her remains, WAFB reported. While the city was bracing for Hurricane Barry, Roberts-Joseph was discovered in the trunk of a vehicle at roughly 3:45 p.m.

by | July 17, 2019 | 01:57

Promising to continue the ongoing legal challenge to the ban, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Dr. Leana Wen said in a statement that "our doors are still open" and "we will not stop fighting for all those across the country in need of essential care".

by | July 17, 2019 | 01:53

But she quickly tightened the reins on his speech in February and ordered him to stop talking about the case, after he posted what appeared to be a threatening photo of her next to the image of gun crosshairs on his Instagram account. "The goal has been to draw maximum attention to what you view as flaws in the investigation", the judge said to Stone. The judge then asked if the post was in "contravention" of her order.

by | July 17, 2019 | 01:18

Esper laid out the issue in stark terms, saying, AI "will likely dominate the character of warfare". "You insist on being free to seek a waiver that would let you make decisions affecting Raytheon's bottom line and your remaining financial interest".

by | July 17, 2019 | 00:58

After trying to injure himself, the suspect lied down on a tarp and pulled out a cell phone, police said . The Devins family said they have not set up or authorized any fundraisers, but did plan to set up a donation site in Bianca's name as a scholarship program for local students.

by | July 17, 2019 | 00:48

This stands in distinct contrast from progressive opponents" platforms such as Senator Bernie Sanders , who advocates for single-payer, government-run health insurance like "Medicare for All'. "I don't know why we'd get rid of what in fact was working and move to something totally new". Joe Biden says that if the president were to make an issue of his age or energy level during a debate, he would challenge him to a push-up contest on the spot.

by | July 17, 2019 | 00:36

The grease trap was covered with a green plastic lid - much like a manhole cover - that helped it blend into the surrounding grass, he said. "The lid was on there, it looks like the child ran across it and it popped open and he fell into the trap", he said.

by | July 16, 2019 | 21:44

The Committee followed up with a subpoena and, according to the Washington Post , Conway will once again follow the White House's directive; she will ignore the subpoena. Three weeks ago, Conway declined to appear voluntarily at a similar hearing before the committee, prompting it to vote 25-16 to subpoena her testimony.

by | July 16, 2019 | 21:38

He was stopped by police at the airport when he was seen acting suspiciously after flying from Bogota in Colombia. The man attracted officers' attention because he was "considerably nervous" and his wig was of "disproportionate size", police said in a statement.

by | July 16, 2019 | 21:25

One of the penguins was already known to police, having been removed from another location and returned to the water on Saturday night. The Wellington police temporarily detained them and released it back to the Wellington Harbour. Wini Morris works at the sushi shop where the penguins hid. "But it's adorable I think they're probably terrified but it's adorable". While it might seem like they keep going back for some of that delicious sushi fish, it seems more like that they considered ...

by | July 16, 2019 | 20:44

Han was a relative unknown until he seized the Kaohsiung mayoralty in local elections past year in a contest few thought he would win given the southern city had always been a heartland for Tsai's ruling Democratic Progressive Party. Ms Tsai's strong public defence of Hong Kong protesters' pro-democracy stance has given her a bump in public support after struggling previous year to push through her unpopular reform agenda, and some polls suggest she now leads over Mr Han.

by | July 16, 2019 | 20:19

Since late previous year other media outlets have reported at different times that Trump, whose administration has been characterized by high turnover in top posts, was considering replacing Ross. Late last year, when media reports suggested Trump would replace Ross by the end of the year, Ross insisted that his job was secure. "He has shepherded the Department of Commerce into a new era, where, under the President's leadership and direction, we have better supported American businesses from ...

by | July 16, 2019 | 20:08

At the same time , the Department of Justice began investigating separately to consider whether to bring federal civil rights charges against any of the officers involved. A friend of Garner captured the encounter on video, showing Garner trying to pull away from surrounding officers before Pantaleo used a chokehold to try and subdue him.

by | July 16, 2019 | 19:45

Experts in the Canadian capital are scrutinizing the security risks of 5G networks, including the impact of Huawei's participation in the country's infrastructure development. "[Our] conclusion is restricted to technical considerations", the committee said. The office of the minister of public safety and emergency preparedness, Ralph Goodale, said it can not comment on specific companies, but confirmed it is undertaking an examination of 5G technology and the security and economic ...

by | July 16, 2019 | 19:20

President Trump has said his administration will look into alleged links between Google and China. Google said the allegations were baseless and questioned the motives of Thiel, a longtime Trump supporter who is on the board of tech rival Facebook.

by | July 16, 2019 | 19:15

There were no reports of casualties from the quake and there was no tsunami warning issued by the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. As of Monday, 66 aftershocks had been recorded and some people in South Halmahera were still taking refuge on higher ground fearful of a tsunami , Wibowo said.